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Workers’ special train, Modi government shrank on earnings from trains, Rahul Gandhi said, anti-poor government

Now the Modi government is seen to be scampering about the government’s earnings from labor special trains. In fact, in response to an RTI, it has been told that the government has earned Rs 428 crore from Shramik Special trains. After this information came out, Rahul Gandhi has become an attacker on the government. He said that this government is anti-poor.

The government had run a special train for workers

Rahul Gandhi
rahul Gandhi

After the Lok Down due to Corona virus in the country, the Central Government operated Shramik Special trains to bring the workers to their homes. Even then there was a dispute whether to hire workers or not.

Later, the railway minister of the government, Piyush Goyal had said that the government is itself paying 85 percent rent. And the state government is paying 15% of the rent. And no rent of any kind is being charged from the laborers. Even then, a large number of workers had complained that they were being charged rent. Sometimes, rent is being doubled to 3 times.

Rahul Gandhi said anti poor government

Attacking the central government, Rahul Gandhi said that it is an anti-poor government. And is working to turn disaster into profit. Rahul Gandhi said that the government should not have done this. But this government is anti-poor. And turning disaster into profit.

Rahul Gandhi said these things while tweeting. Let us tell you for information that in response to an RTI, the central government said that it has earned Rs 428 crore from this labor special trains. Later a newspaper published a news citing this news. Rahul Gandhi has also tweeted this news with his tweet.

Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the government

These days Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the central government. Sometimes with regard to the dispute with China, sometimes with workers on special trains. Rahul Gandhi has also released a video series about China and the economy. In which he has accused Narendra Modi that he has surrendered against China. And the country’s economy has completely collapsed.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi released a video saying that the central government has surrendered to China. Narendra Modi is not worried about the country. Rather, he is concerned about his image.

He has created an image of his fake strong man and at the same time Rahul Gandhi alleged that China has occupied the land of India.



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