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Will the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia not stop now?

The ceasefire was announced by Russia’s mediation to prevent war between Azar Bejan and Armenia. But just 24 hours after the declaration of a ceasefire, the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia has started once again. In such a situation, experts are guessing that it is now becoming difficult for the superpowers to stop the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia.

Both Azar Bejan and Armenia were part of Soviet Union Russia. But after this the Soviet Union disintegrated Russia and both Azar Bejan and Armenia became independent countries.

The Nagorno-Karabakh hills are the main reason for the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia. Which is currently part of Armenia. While Azar is lifeless claiming that this area belongs to him. According to the United Nations, Azerbaijan is the real owner of nagorno karabakh. But right now it is in Armenia’s part. And there is a plurality of citizens of Armenia.

Why the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia started

Nagorono has been describing karabakh as part of Azerbaijan for a long time. And he was constantly trying to get possession of it but that is not the real reason for the war. Then why did the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia start? The war between Azar Bejan and Armenia began on 27 September 2020. Which is not taking the name of stop now.

Actually a truck from Azerbaijan was passing through the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnagorono karabakh. But nagorono karabakh that the government blew it with a missile. War was already being feared before between lifeless and Armenia. But after this incident the war became absolutely certain and the war between the two countries started on 27 September 2020.

The second turning point in the ongoing war between Azar Bejan and Armenia came when Najorono karabakh’s army was attacked by Gaza, the second largest city in Azerbaijan. Approximately 3000 citizens of Azerbaijan were killed in it. In response to this attack, the army of Azerbaijan started bombing stepnakert, the capital of nagorono karabakh. Hundreds of people from Armenia and Azerbaijan were killed in this bombing.

Russia announces ceasefire between Azar Bejan and Armenia through mediation

Countries around the world were asking Azar Bejan and Armenia to make peace. And were pressing to declare a cease-fire between the two countries. It includes big countries like America Russia France.

Azar Bejan and Armenia have great super powers’ interests. If the war between the two countries lasted for a long time, then the danger of big super powers jumping into the war is constantly hovering, this could also lead to the start of the Third World War. Like the First World War was caused by the war between Hungary and Serbia. Now the same situation is also being created in the ongoing war between Azar Bejan and Aminia.

On Saturday 10 October, there was a meeting between the leaders of Azar Bejan and Armenia in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The meeting was mediated by Russia and after this meeting lasted for 10 hours, a cease-fire was announced between the two countries. In Moscow, there was agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia that during the cease-fire the two countries exchanged soldiers and prisoners. – Will change. During this time there will be no firing from any side. And the conversation about the war will continue. With this announcement, it seemed that now the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia would be averted and the threat of Third World War would be averted from the world.

But this ceasefire between Azar Bejan and Armenia did not last even 24 hours. Once again Armenia launched an attack on Gaza, the second largest city of Azerbaijan. It killed hundreds of citizens of Azerbaijan and buried hundreds of civilians in the rubble of a building.

In response, Armenia has said that Azerbaijan is lying. He has strengthened his army during the time found during the ceasefire. And there has been destruction in our cities.

Armenia’s Foreign Minister says Azar Bejan has continued his military operations. And have attacked the urban areas of nagorono karabakh.

We do not want war, President of Azerbaijan ilham aliyev

Azerbaijan’s President ilham aliyev gave a speech on TV just before the declaration of a ceasefire. In this speech, he said that we are happy with the initiative of peace. But Azar Bejan will not back down under any circumstances. Ilham aliyev said during his speech that we are winning the war against Armenia and will take back our territory.

Big countries of the world are standing in this war with Azerbaijan

The major countries of the world stand with Azerbaijan in the ongoing war between Azar Bejan and Armenia. This is why Azerbaijan is issuing statements with such confidence. Turkey stands with Azar Bejan, one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East. Turkey said on its Twitter handle that Azar Bezan showed bravery and kept his areas safe. Now Armenia needs to return the occupied land to Azerbaijan. Until Armenia does so, Turkey will stand with Azerbaijan.

Also Israel stands with Azerbaijan. Israel buys oil and gas from Azerbaijan. In return, he provides weapons to Azar Bejan. Apart from this, Pakistan also stands with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan currently has 8 types of drones. All of which are purchased from Israel.

Apart from this, videos of Azerbaijan attacks on Armenia are also becoming very viral on social media. Israel’s anti-spike missiles are also near Azerbaijan. Apart from this, there are several defense deals between Azerbaijan and Israel. On the basis of these defense deals, Azerbaijan is so full of confidence.

Russia is at war with Armenia

The ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is under constant threat of big powers jumping. Israel and Turkey have already arrived with Azerbaijan. In such a situation, now Russia can also come with Armenia. And if this happens then the Third World War cannot be ruled out.

Armenia has been continuously purchasing arms from Russia. Apart from this, there is also a defense deal in both. According to this defense deal, if any country attacks Armenia, Russia will support it. In such a situation, Russia’s President Putin has said that if the war between Azar Bejan and Armenia does not stop soon, then he may have to enter the battlefield for Armenia.

Apart from this, Iran is also seen standing towards Armenia. Till now Iran was asking both countries for peace talks. But ever since reports have come that Turkey has been engaged in a war on Azerbaijan and is unloading Syria and Libyan militants against Armenia on behalf of Azerbaijan. Will not tolerate Against whom he has been fighting for years.

How much damage was caused by the ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The two countries have suffered heavy losses from the ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenia has said in a statement that 400 of its soldiers have been killed in this war. At the same time, Azerbaijan has not released any data related to the losses in the war. At the same time, according to the United Nations, 58 civilians have died so far. It is becoming increasingly difficult even for the experts to anticipate this devastation that continues in the midst of war. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see now what will be the consequences of the ongoing war between Azar Bejan and Armenia.



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