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Why #makemytripflightbookingfraud is trending on Twitter

#Makemytripflightbookingfraud is trending on Twitter today. But what scam did Makemytrip do because of which #makemytripflightbookingfraud is constantly trending on Twitter.

Users of MakeMyTrip are alleging that the company has not returned their money yet. That’s why make my trip flight booking fraud is trending all day on Twitter. There are some users of MakeMyTrip whose four or five flights were canceled during the Coronavirus era. But his money has not been withdrawn from the company yet. There has been no response from Makemytrip on the matter yet.

Users are getting #makemytripflightbookingfraud trending on Twitter to withdraw their money. It will be interesting to see what effect this trend has on the company. The users of Mekmatrip say that they are getting the message of cancellation of tickets. But they are still not getting refunds. One user wrote on Twitter that I am constantly getting messages in the way that your refund is being processed. But I have not received my money yet. The company should return my money soon. Which I have earned by working very hard. Users say that when international and domestic flights were shut down due to corona virus. Then it was said from the government that all your money will be returned. But now MakeMyTrip is not doing this.



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