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Why is Kyrgyzstan moving towards civil war and what is its solution?

Kyrgyzstan is going through a bad phase these days. And now continuously going towards civil war. The danger of civil war is constantly hovering over the crystals. Because there is no government working there right now. The people of Kyrgyzstan do not even know who is their President and Prime Minister?

The most interesting thing in Kyrgyzstan is that since people started demonstrating here. The President has gone to some unknown place, in such a question the question arises whether the President of Kyrgyzstan has fled to some other country? Or have taken refuge elsewhere. It remains a mystery.

Why Kyrgyzstan is moving towards civil war

Kyrgyzstan has a parliamentary system. And elections were held here on 4 October. People had then hoped that their dreams would come true and a healthy democratic tradition would be established, but the opposite happened and the situation in Kyrgyzstan has become like a civil war today.

The President of Kyrgyzstan said that we have given equal opportunities to all political parties this time. This has increased the challenges of all political parties, but when the results of the elections in Kyrgyzstan came, the story looked to the contrary. A total of 16 political parties were in the electoral fray in Kyrgyzstan. Of these, 12 political parties did not get a single seat. The four political parties that won the election. Three of them are considered supporters of President Jeenbekov. And from here the movement started. Who is not taking the name of stop now.

Kyrgyzstan’s political parties alleged that Genbekov gave people money to vote. And many of its videos went viral on social media. And he refused to accept the results of these elections. This is where the political crisis started in Kyrgyzstan.

After this, these 11 political parties of Kyrgyzstan have demonstrated on a large scale in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek. Violence soon arose in these demonstrations. And the violence started escalating from police protesters when the 19-year-old boy died during these demonstrations. And more than 600 people were injured during which the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan resigned. But the protesters still did not agree, they captured the White House in Krystan. And sabotage. The office of the President and Prime Minister is also present in the White House of Kyrgyzstan.

This is the third major movement in Kyrgyzstan

If you are thinking that Kyrgyzstan is facing a political crisis for the first time. So you are thinking wrong. This is the third major movement in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan seems to be moving towards civil war when people are demanding healthy democracy. Which is not a good sign at all.

Kyrgyzstan has also had major demonstrations in 2005 and 2010. Where hundreds of people lost their lives, Kyrgyzstan broke away from the Soviet Union in 1991 and became an independent country and it was hoped that a healthy democracy would be established here. But the opposite happened and now Kyrgyzstan is moving towards a civil war.

After the revolutions of 2005 and 2010, people were hoping that the system would improve in Kyrgyzstan. But with the arrival of the corona virus, the situation became worse. And people became more and more poor. People were continuously writing on social media against the increasing poverty in Kyrgyzstan. People wanted a change in Kyrgyzstan. But the elections dashed the hopes of the people. This provoked people’s anger and the situation in Kyrgyzstan today is that it is moving towards civil war.

Is the movement improving in Kyrgyzstan

Large-scale demonstrations are currently taking place in Kyrgyzstan. Now the condition is getting worse from bad. Experts have already started calling it civil war.

In Kyrgyzstan, which has a large number of supporters. He has captured much of Kyrgyzstan. Robbers and thieves are currently in Kyrgyzstan. They are looting shopping malls and houses. People living in residential areas have formed their own guard teams. These people are protecting these people. The public is also protecting shopping malls and shops. So that they can be protected from robbers. Some gangs have also captured oil wells in Kyrgyzstan. Some notorious politicians in Kyrgyzstan who were deported from the country. Now he has returned to the country and is doing political rallies. At this time, Kyrgyzstan has turned into a political arena. Where one who has more power is exerting as much force. In such a situation, should we assume that Kyrgyzstan has turned into a civil war zone.

Everyone wants to become Prime Minister in Kyrgyzstan

Just as the post of Prime Minister is the most powerful in India, in the same way, the post of Prime Minister is also the most powerful in Kyrgyzstan. And now everyone in Kyrgyzstan wants to become Prime Minister. If this battle of becoming Prime Minister continues like this, no one will be able to save Kyrgyzstan from civil war.

Let me give you an example of this political battle going on in Kyrgyzstan. On 6 October, 35 MPs held a meeting in a hotel and here, Zaparov was accepted as the Prime Minister. But the crowd reached here and ransacked the hotel after which japarov ran through the back door. The next day a different political group of MPs came and elected another prime minister. In this way, the fourth fifth and sixth political groups came and they continued to choose the Prime Minister.

Now the foreign media has even started saying that as the date changes in the calendar. Similarly, the Prime Minister is changing in Kyrgyzstan. In such a situation, the possibility of civil war in Kyrgyzstan cannot be ruled out.

But how much is the legitimacy of the Prime Minister being made daily in the political battle of Kyrgyzstan? This is also a big question. The answer is zero. In fact, the manner in which the Prime Minister is being elected in Krystan has no constitutional basis.

According to Kyrgyzstan’s constitution, the political party winning the election has to choose its leader. This is followed by voting in the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. At least 61 MPs are required to remain in Parliament at the time of voting. Media coverage is permitted when voting is going on in Parliament for the Prime Minister.

What is the role of the President of Kyrgyzstan in this movement

Kyrgyzstan President Jeannebekov alleged that unrest was spreading in the country to remove him from office. And Kyrgyzstan is being pushed towards civil war. However, he said that he would resign from his post as soon as the cabinet was formed in Kyrgyzstan. As the movement is intensifying, the pressure on Kyrgyzstan’s President Jeannebekov is also increasing.

However some experts are saying that the President of Kyrgyzstan has fled to Russia. And there you can take political asylum. The President of Kyrgyzstan is talking about peace but on the contrary, he imposed emergency in the country on 9 October.

Now its role in Russia has become important in Kyrgyzstan. We have already told you that Kyrgyzstan has been part of the Soviet Union. Now the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin has come. He has said that we are making every effort to overcome Kyrgyzstan from this crisis. And all sides are in contact.

How can Kyrgyzstan be saved from civil war?

Kyrgyzstan is currently undergoing a political crisis and the country seems to be moving towards civil war. But what is the solution to this political crisis? One solution to this could be to call an extraordinary session of Parliament. A cabinet should be formed during this session. And the President should be asked to step down. If the President is not ready to step down in Kyrgyzstan, then the process of impeachment can be initiated against him. And he can be removed from office. During this time, the Speaker of Parliament is made the interim President and new parliamentary elections are held. Only then can Kyrgyzstan be saved from civil war.

A crisis in this solution of saving Kyrgyzstan is that who should call the session of Parliament? And who should unite all the groups? In Kyrgyzstan, no leader seems to be able to unite all the groups. For this reason, the threat of civil war is constantly hovering in Kyrgyzstan.



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