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Why is Facebook and WhatsApp in controversy in India

These days Facebook and WhatsApp are engulfed in controversies. Facebook and WhatsApp have been accused of ignoring BJP leaders’ posts related to hate speech. And allowed posts of BJP related leaders on its platform.

Why Facebook and WhatsApp are in dispute


Let us tell you for the information that Facebook has been in controversies about data theft and selling of data even before this, although India had no connection with these disputes. But now Facebook and WhatsApp are also seen engulfed in controversies in India. Facebook and WhatsApp have also given their clarification about this whole matter.

Recently an American newspaper published a news in Wall Street General. Facebook and WhatsApp did not allow the controversial hate speech related to BJP and RSS to be removed on its platform, Facebook and WhatsApp management forced their staff to do all this, the news reported.

According to the report, Facebook feared that if it deleted the video and post of hate speech of BJP and RSS related leaders, its business could be affected in India. However, later the posts of some BJP leaders were deleted by Facebook.

Let us tell you for information that even before this, Facebook and WhatsApp have been in controversies regarding data privacy. Facebook and WhatsApp have been accusing that both of them sell data of users on their platform to other companies. However, Facebook and WhatsApp have always denied this.

What did Facebook say in this matter

Following the news published in Wall Street, Facebook said in its official statement that Facebook does not seek permission to remove hate speech related to any party or person and community. Nor does any party or group affect the policy of the company.

Facebook has said that we have a global policy. And we are constantly working to remove posts related to hate speech. And we are constantly trying to reduce it.

Facebook has denied all allegations against him. Although politics in India has definitely started on this. And it’s not taking the name of pause anymore

Congress hit back at BJP

After the matter related to Facebook and WhatsApp, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has tweeted the Wall Street news that Facebook and WhatsApp in India are controlled by leaders belonging to BJP and RSS. The leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party through Facebook and WhatsApp promote the politics of hate and hatred in the country.

At the same time, Congress alleged that those who are working on big posts in Facebook. He is all BJP related person. The Congress alleged that Akhi Das, who is the supreme officer to look into policy-related matters in Facebook. She has been associated with the BJP.

However Das has offered his clarification regarding the matter. They have said that we follow a global policy. And we do not adopt any policy related to any party. Das said that people are threatening to kill him after this matter comes to light.

BJP hit back at Congress

In this case related to Facebook and WhatsApp, BJP has hit back at the Congress. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad hit back at the Congress and said that only a loser can say such a thing.

The loser feels that BJP and RSS control every company in the world. The same Ravi Shankar Prasad hit back at the Congress and said that there have been allegations against Congress in the Cambridge Analytica case. In such a case, the Congress should give a statement in the case of Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook accused of influencing election

In 2016, US President Donald Trump has been accused of supporting Facebook. Facebook alleges that the US elections have been largely unfairly influenced by Facebook. And Donald Trump has helped Facebook win the election.

However, Facebook had given its clarification in this matter and said that it does not support any political party in any way. And Facebook is a fair company. Facebook’s platform is open to all individuals.

Facebook affected elections in India as well

It is not that only Facebook has made allegations to influence the election in America. In India, there have been allegations on Facebook about influencing elections. Cambridge Analytica, a UK company, was accused of buying users’ data from Facebook. And later used them to influence the election of India.

In 2016, it helped Indian political parties win elections, according to a Cambridge Analytica report. Only then did this whole controversy arise. The BJP had accused the Congress of taking the services of Cambridge Analytica. And has tried to unfairly influence the Indian electorate.

However, the Congress has denied this whole matter. At the same time, BJP has also been accused from time to time of unfairly influencing Indian voters.



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