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Why Adani group shares still going down?

The shares of Adani Group are going down continuously. And now there is a sentiment in the market. Therefore, the difficulties of Adani Group have increased even more.

The scam which is being linked with Adani Group in the last few days. We won’t talk about that. Because you already know about it. Today we will talk about some important aspects related to Adani Group.

For example, if you are holding shares of Adani Group, what should you do? What are the prospects for Adani Group and what are the challenges ahead for Adani Group in the future? As a shareholder, should you sell the shares of Adani Group or just hold on for a short time?

Adani Group promoter Gautam Adani’s wealth fall drastically

Adani Group promoter Gautam Adani’s assets have seen a sharp decline in the past few days. And now he is the fourth richest person in Asia. Earlier Gautam Adani became the second richest person in Asia. There were also speculations that if Gautam Adani’s wealth continues to grow like this, he will leave behind Mukesh Ambani as well. At present, Gautam Adani’s assets are 55.2 billion-dollar. The same Mukesh Ambani’s wealth is $ 80.6 billion.

Mukesh Ambani is the 12th richest person in the world. Whereas Gautam Adani is now out of the top 20 as well and he is present at number 25.

Decline in Adani Group companies

It is worth noting for you that the total debt on Adani Group companies is Rs 126000 crores. Which is very high according to the present time. The same experts were constantly saying that there is overvaluation of Adani Group companies. In fact, there was a belief among the investors that the government is supporting the Adani Group and on this basis the shareholders were continuously investing money in the Adani Group. But now that illusion seems to be breaking.

If we talk about the last 1 month, then there has been a huge decline in the shares of all the companies of Adani Group.

Adani transmission has seen a decline of 41.12%, Adani Total Gas 44.21%, Adani Ports 14.49% Adani Green Energy 22.21%, Adani enterprises 11.40%; It is natural to be worried.

Adani Power is the only such company. In which some increase has been seen in the last one month. However, according to the last 1 week, the stock of this company has also seen a decline. So shareholders need to be careful.

Adani Power has seen a growth of 7.89% in the last 1 month. But if you look at the chart of the last 1 week, then Adani Power has also seen a decline. Shares of Adani Power are down 3.61% in last 1 week.

market condition

Even if we now look at the market condition around the world, the difficulties for Adani Group may increase in the coming times. Work is going on all over the world for green hydrogen and green energy. It is not that only Adani Group or Reliance Group is investing money in this sector in India. The European Union has decided to spend $1 trillion over the next few years. Talking about America, President Joe Biden has said that we are going to spend 100 billion-dollar for the production of green hydrogen. It also includes renewable energy solar panels and wind turbine energy. Apart from this, Denmark has also started a project to invest more than 100 billion-dollar.

Apart from this, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have also geared up for the production of green hydrogen. And they are also going to spend billions of dollars in the region.

One thing that is clear from this is that the market for green hydrogen and renewable energy is not going to be so easy in the coming days. As much as it appears. More competition is expected to increase in the coming time in the market. All the countries are promoting domestic companies after coming out of the era of globalization. In such a situation, the difficulties of Adani Group may increase even more in the coming times.

If we talk about the domestic market of India, then even here the difficulties for Gautam Adani seem to be increasing. Recently at Reliance’s AGM it was announced by Mukesh Ambani that, he will invest Rs 75000 crores in the field of Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy. Apart from this, 4 Giga factories will also be constructed in Gujarat.

What should Adani Group investors do?

If you have invested money in Adani Group and you have earned good profit then, still you can exit from Adani Group. There is now a sentiment in the market about Adani Group. In such a situation, investors are selling heavily. If you want to make a new investment in Adani Group, then postpone it for the time being. Once recovery starts in Adani Group, then you can invest money in Adani Group. Apart from Adani Group, there are other good stocks in the market. In which you can earn good money by investing money. You also need to be more careful because the market is currently trading at its highest level.

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