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Why abusive crimes like gang rape and molestation are not stopping in India

We are getting heard daily in newspapers that today the girl was gangraped or molested at that place. These incidents have become common in our society nowadays. And it is increasing day by day. It is not that the law is not strict. But still the incidents of this manner are not taking the name of stopping. Then what is the reason that crimes against women are increasing in India.

The gang rape incident in Hathras of Uttar Pradesh has once again shaken our society. But will we wait every time that something like this will happen again. And we will respond again. Actually the problem with us is that they do nothing except to speak on Twitter and Facebook against gangrape or abusive crimes of this kind. We do not see where there are problems in our society with the government and with the administration? Which should be corrected.

Police is not strict against women criminals

If we take the case of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, then the police said before the gang rape victim that it is doing drama. And then said that now it will get up and go home. While the girl’s mouth and eyes were bleeding, you can guess from the police that the girl’s parents kept telling the police to call an ambulance. But the police did not even bother to bring an ambulance.

The gang-rape victim was then cremated against the will of the family. The family members allege that they were beaten up by the police with kicking Ghoso. All this is happening when the media has so much coverage about the incident of Hathras.

Think when the media does not cover events of this kind. Then how will the police treat the victims. You can guess

Actually in India, questions are asked only from the victim and not from the criminal. Every time it is said that the girl will be like this only then this type of incident must have happened. Whereas we take the crimes committed by boys lightly and leave them saying that they are boys. And in India, men are taking advantage of this.

Women crime cases are being run on politicians themselves

You would be surprised to know that those who are in power have cases of crimes against women, while no one is going to tell them. In the BJP government itself, a large criminal like Nityananda is present at this time. On which cases of heinous crimes like rape are registered. But he is still roaming around. Nobody is going to say anything to them. Political parties have formed their own Lutyens’ Zone. And sitting there in AC rooms. He does not like to talk much about female crimes.

Because if women crimes are talked about then it seems that the government itself will fall. Because there are so many MPs and MLAs who have cases of women crimes. And there is no hearing on these.

Apart from this, the case of Kuldeep Singh Sengar, an MLA from Uttar Pradesh, was also exposed. When the whole family was killed. And after that there was some action. The rape victim kept saying that I had been raped. But the police-administration was not ready to listen. Because Kuldeep Singh Sengar was the sitting Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in power, although now he has been punished. But at what cost? The victim has lost almost her entire family.

Sex education should be included in school education

Chapter of sex education in India you see from Navi class. Whereas in countries like Europe, these chapters start from the fourth class itself. In such a situation, the chapter on sex education in India should be started from the fourth class itself. Or even children should be taught about bed touch and good touch at an early age. Which is not happening. We look at sex education in a suspicious way. Remember that which should not be.

Keep as much as you know about these things then you will be saved from crimes. We do not talk too much about sex education in our family. Therefore our children do not know much about it either. And they fall prey to abominable crimes of this kind, which should not happen. So this means that the society is also responsible for the crimes of women.

Children will have to provide more open environment

We still look at sex education and related things with suspicion even though it should not be. What if the boy and the girl could sit at their own house and talk. They get open environment. And can speak his mind to his mother and father. But this is not happening. This is why incidents of this manner occur.

When a girl is talking to a boy in India, her character is questioned. We do not think that anyone can be his friend. When the boys and girls do not talk at their home, they then go outside to talk. In the countryside it is seen that the boy and the girl go to some place to talk, which is deserted. And then later they have to fall victim to incidents like rape and gangrape. In rural India, this type of incidence occurs with more girls. And girls are mostly victims of this type of incidents.

India does not have adequate security

Every VIP in India has around 4 policemen. Whereas if the common people are seen then there is a policeman at around 660 people. In such a situation, you can guess how much VIP is there and no one is going to ask the common man.

As much attention is paid to VIP security in India. If half of it was also given on the security of the common man, then perhaps this situation would not have happened today. And India is not called a stronghold of women’s crime. We are thinking that we are going ahead in economic development. But along with this, female crimes are also increasing in India. Whom no one wants to pay attention to. We have almost come under the category of countries like Afghanistan. Where female crimes are seen a lot.



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