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WHO and China are lying again regarding Coronavirus

Questions are being raised on WHO for providing information on coronaviruses. WHO is said to be favoring China. And is avoiding asking him questions. Now such an incident has happened once again. WHO raises questions on WHO. Recently a WHO team went to China to investigate the corona virus. But after the arrival of this investigation team, the information that has come out will surprise everyone.

After this investigation team returned from China, that thing of America is gaining strength. Which states that WHO is consistently favoring China. And refraining from attributing him to the corona virus. And is constantly praising China.

now what is lying about coronavirus by w.h.o. and China


US President Donald Trump has been consistently saying that the corona virus is a virus spread by China, while experts around the world are saying that the corona virus has originated from the city of Wuhan in China, and constantly demands from China to investigate the matter. Although China has been making this demand persistent.

The same WHO sent a team to China to investigate the matter. The team was to go to Wuhan city to investigate the corona virus case. And to find out where exactly this corona virus has spread? Now a dispute has arisen about this.

This WHO investigation team had to go to Wuhan to find out how the corona virus actually spread? Has it come from animals to humans? Or is there some other way to spread it.

When a WHO investigative team arrived in China in February 2020 to investigate coronaviruses, the team went to only those places where Chinese government officials took them.

It is being said that this team was not allowed to visit that lab there. Who is accused of spreading the corona virus.

The investigation team was not given a chance to investigate the coronavirus

Several members of the investigation team said that they were not given open opportunity to investigate. The role of the WHO also looks suspicious here.

Even after the incident, the WHO, in its official statement, praised China for its cooperation in the investigation of the corona virus. And this is not happening to other countries. Because when you did not allow the investigation to be done properly, then what is the meaning of this investigation?

The WHO has said in its official statement that a large team of ours has gone to China to prepare the ground for the Corona virus investigation. And now soon a large team will go to China to investigate the corona virus.

This means that this investigation team was filled to see only those places in China. Where the corona virus is spread. Not to investigate them.

In such a situation, the WHO is now accusing that when the investigation team was not allowed to investigate the coronavirus, then what is the rationale for preparing the land?

WHO team goes to China to investigate Corona virus again

Following this case, in July 2020, a 2-member WHO team went to see where the corona virus originated. This team stayed in China for about 3 weeks. And returned in August after completing his work. But the uproar broke out when it was discovered that this team was not allowed to go to the city of Wuhan from where experts are expecting the origin of corona virus.

In such a situation, now the developed countries are constantly looking at China with suspicion. WHO statement once again came on this matter.

The WHO said that the visit was intended to prepare the ground in China for a large investigation team. The WHO said that now a large detailed team will soon go to China to investigate the corona virus.

Two statements have been made by the WHO about the Corona virus. One time when the investigation team visited China in the month of February. And then when the investigation team went to China in July to investigate the coronavirus.

The two statements have a similar commonality. In such a case it is w.h.o. These repeat words can be called. This clearly shows that the WHO is protecting China from the corona virus.

China is hiding information of coronavirus from WHO

China has long been accused of not giving full information of coronavirus to the WHO.

Due to this, the whole world gets to know about the guidelines issued by WHO late. In such a situation, the risk of corona virus spreading even more increases.

It is not that the WHO is not aware that it is hiding information about coronaviruses. But still WHO is not taking any action.

Recently, a news was published by the international news agency AP. According to the news, WHO may be patting China on the back of coronavirus. But many WHO officials are angry with China for hiding information about coronaviruses.

The Chinese also delayed giving the genetic map of the coronavirus to the WHO. As a result, the WHO could not issue timely warnings worldwide about the corona virus. And it spread coronavirus throughout our world.

The international news agency AP has cited the WHO meeting to prove that China is hiding information from the WHO regarding the corona virus.

WHO’s technical head Maria said in a meeting that China is giving insufficient information about coronaviruses. In such a situation, we will not be able to formulate the right strategy to fight the corona virus.

Corona virus cases are increasing steadily

You may have heard the most words in your life in the last 8 months, that is corona virus. The corona virus has reached around 213 countries. Now the corona virus has reached such a place, which you may not have even heard of. In such a situation, you can get an idea of ​​the severity of corona virus.

In the last 8 months, around two and a half million people in the world have been infected with the Corona virus. While more than 825000 people have died.

Coronavirus threatens economic slowdown in the world

The corona virus has had another impact on the economy worldwide. There is no book on how many trillion dollar economy has ended in the world due to corona virus. An estimated 5.5% worldwide shrink due to corona virus. And if you look at it in money then it is a trillion dollar case. The same coronavirus has also affected employment. The most affected are unorganized employment.

The lives of such people are now forced to struggle for two days of bread. In such a situation, if the corona virus goes on for a long time, then it is believed to be a crisis on the lives of these people.

The lives of about 1 billion 500 million people working in the informal sector have been directly affected by Coronavirus. These people are now afraid of losing everything. Experts are hoping that if the coronavirus epidemic continues for a long time, half of these people will be forced to live below the poverty line.



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