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Which country in the world has the most powerful passport and which is India’s number?

Do you know that passports also have different rankings in the world. And different countries have different passport status. The New Zealand passport is considered the world’s most powerful and strong passport. Along with New Zealand, countries like Germany and Japan are also included. Jin’s passport is considered strong enough.

This ranking of passport is determined by how many countries you can go without taking a visa. And how many countries do you have the facility of Visa on Arrival. A ranking is decided by combining all these. It shows which is the most powerful passport in the world.

Which country’s passport is the most powerful?

The most powerful passport in the world is currently New Zealand. New Zealand’s mobility score is currently 134. However, South Korea, Japan and Germany also score 134. But New Zealand’s passport has become more powerful by beating these countries due to the greater convenience of countries with Visa on Arrival.

New Zealand passport holders allow 91 countries to have visas without them, while there are 43 countries that provide visa on arrival to New Zealand citizens. Earlier Japan had the world’s most powerful passport. But now it has reached the second number.

Now if we talk about India’s passport here, there are 53 countries that allow citizens of India to come without a visa. India’s passport power ranking is 57.

On the other hand, if we talk about the world’s weakest passports, then the passports of Afghanistan and Iran are the weakest passports in the world. The mobility of these two countries is 33. Only four or five countries have allowed the passport holders of these two countries to come here without their visa. If we talk about the passport of Pakistan, its mobility is only 38. . Pakistan’s passport ranking is 68. Citizens of Pakistan are allowed to come to 8 countries without passports with passports.

What is passport and visa

To get out of your country to any other country, you have to apply for a passport. The government of your country gives this passport to you. After this, you also have to apply for the country where you want to go. And if your visa is approved you can travel to that country.

Some countries offer you Visa on Arrival. That is, you can go to that country and get a visa there. At the same time, some countries also allow you visa free entry. That is, you can travel in that country even without a visa. For example, if you want to go to Nepal from India, then you do not need any kind of visa. However, here you do not even need a passport. The same method is also applicable in other countries.

Your passport is the strongest basis for your identity abroad. If you have a passport, you are absolutely safe there. That is why it is advisable to keep your passport safe while traveling abroad. So that you can prove your identity. However, if you apply for a new passport after the passport is lost, it is also created. However, there are problems in this.

How is a country’s passport determined by how powerful it is?

Now the question arises here, how powerful is the passport of which country? How is it fixed? And who releases this ranking every year. Which tells us how powerful a country’s passport is. As well as how this ranking is created.

A website called Passport Index issues a passport ranking every year. How powerful is the passport of which country? For this, the Passport Index website has set three criteria. Which shows how strong a country’s passport is.

The first criterion is how many countries you enter without a visa. The more countries you enter without visa in more countries. This is what makes that passport powerful.

The second criterion is how many countries offer Visa on Arrival to passport holders of that country. The facility of Visa on Arrival means that you can get your visa made by going to that country. You do not need to apply for a visa in advance. The third criterion for strengthening the passport is how many countries you have to get a visa to go to. The more the passport of the countries which meet the first two criteria. Is stronger.

A mobility score is made based on all these criteria. And on the basis of this mobility score it is decided that how powerful the passport of a country is. Sometimes it happens that more than 1 countries have the same mobility. Then how powerful is the passport here. It is known to know how many countries you are given visa on arrival. Visa on Arrival facility will be provided in as many countries. Your mobility score will increase. And despite having the same mobility score, you will overtake the case of a powerful passport.



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