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Where is the real problem in Indian agricultural sector

What is the real problem in India’s agricultural sector? This question is important because recently the government has implemented new agrarian reform laws. And the farmers are strongly opposing it. But will these agrarian reform laws change the fate of India’s farmers? This is a great question. Which the opposition as well as the farmers are asking. And are opposed to these new agrarian reform laws. Where is the problem in India’s agricultural sector? Experts are giving the answer to this, as well as experts are also saying that this agrarian reform law will be able to solve the problems of farmers, there is little hope.

In such a situation, where is the mistake made in the policies made by the government regarding the agriculture sector? It is also important to know.

Surplus production in Indian agriculture sector

One of the main problems with agriculture in India is that there is excess production here. And the government does not buy too much at the minimum support price. Talking about government statistics, only 6% farmers are like this. From which the government purchases at the minimum support price. In such a situation, you can guess how low the prices of agricultural products in India are.

Due to excessive production, the value of agricultural products goes down like that. Above all, the government also imposes a ban on exports. Recently, the government banned the export of onions. And as a result of this, farmers came on the streets. However, the government did not change its decision.

In such a situation, it is bad news for the farmers if the government will ban exports too.

Every time we tell the farmers that you are the provider. And you give us food to eat. But do you know that excessive production is harmful for farmers. Farmers remain poor even after producing more. And this condition has been going on for a long time. And no improvement is expected in future also.

Agriculture based industries needed

The government is working in the reverse direction by bringing the Agrarian Reform Act. Whereas Indian farmers and farming need agro based industries. The grain that is needed at this time in the market. From that, we are producing from 2 times to 3 times. In such a situation, how can you expect that farmers will get good value for their products.

The government promises that we will establish food processing parks. But till date, they have no idea far and wide. It should be in India where farmers sell their product. At the same time, they have access to food processing and industries of this method. Which has not happened yet. The government should provide in the new laws that food processing is mandatory for private companies. Only then will they be able to buy from the farmers. But it does not seem to be happening.

Conversely, if there is a dispute between the farmer and the industrialists, he cannot even go to court. This provision has been made in the new law. Which will increase the difficulties for the farmers even more in the coming times.

Increasing area of ​​crop sowing is harmful for farmers

We have been hearing every year that this year the area under sowing has increased even more. But do you know that it is harmful for farmers. While we sit and clap on it.

If you decide that the area under sowing of farmers will increase, then the prices of grains will also fall. International prices also directly affect farmers. A large number of cereals are produced internationally. Therefore, the international grain prices are also very low. Because of this the government has very limited export capacity.

Most recently in 2018 19 when the government increased the minimum support price. So it was felt that the fate of the farmers was about to be reversed. But do you know that at the same time the government had to increase the import duty on the import of grains too. The government was afraid that even after increasing the support price, grain could not be imported from abroad, in such a way, you can easily estimate the prices of agricultural products internationally.

Corona virus increases farmers’ problems

Until the Corona virus, farmers were producing large quantities of fruits and vegetables. Which were cash crops. The production of these fruits and vegetables was directly bringing money to the farmers. And the farmers were seen improving their living abilities. But after Lok Down due to Corona virus, a large number of farmers had to throw their vegetables and fruits on the streets. The farmers could not reach the market. And even if access is desired, the police did not let them go to the market. This aggravated the difficulties of the farmers. And they had to turn to grain production again. Cereal production in India is the cultivation of poverty. And if you produce food grains then you will have to face poverty. This is a bitter truth.

In such a situation, the farmers who were profiting from the production of vegetables and fruits in the crop. His profits stopped again. And they faced difficulties. Now the government is fearing that a large number of farmer families will not go below the poverty line. Which we can see in the coming years.

According to government figures, Corona virus in India lost 6600,000 jobs. Which experts are telling more than this. In such a situation, the demand for food process products is also very less in the market. And its direct loss to farmers. Because if food process products are not made and they are not sought in the market, then the farmers will not get the right price for their products.

Experts are afraid that if the balance of demand and supply in the Indian market deteriorates in the coming time, then the difficulties for the farmers will increase even more. Experts say that in the coming times, there may be a glut of grains produced by farmers in the markets and prices may drop unexpectedly. Therefore, there is an uneasiness among the farmers of India, it may happen in the next 3 to 4 months. At the same time, the government is reducing the expectation of buying at the minimum support price this time. Because the government has no money. And already the budget deficit has increased considerably. In such a situation, if the farmers are left behind. So the coming time is going to be even more difficult for the farmers.

Increasing difficult for landless farmers

You would be surprised to know that about 55% of the rural people in India do not have any land. It is a landless farmer. According to official figures, there are about 900,000 people in India who do not have any land. While he lives in rural areas. These 90 lakh people are seasonal laborers. Those who stay in rural areas for harvesting and agricultural work. And then migrate them to the cities. And in cities, they run their homes by doing petty jobs like rickshaws and wages. Now due to Corona virus, their problems have increased. Because there is no work for them in cities. Whereas there are excess laborers on agriculture. In such a situation, these people are not getting any employment even in rural areas.

You will get to see its results in the coming 6 months. Which are going to be very bad. Excessive production will add difficulties for those farmers. Those who have land. In such a situation, even if you have land, difficulties will increase for you. And even if there is no land, the difficulties will increase for you. However, farmers who have little land. Will be able to produce for our food.

In such a situation, there are 90 lakh people. Their fear of going below the poverty line remains constant, according to a report released by the World Bank recently, efforts have been made to eradicate poverty in India. The corona virus can water them all. In such a situation, the figures are intimidating.

Now we tell you another figure here. Agriculture accounts for only 17% of India’s total GDP. While 43% of the people of India get employment from agriculture. This figure may scare you. Because of high production, prices of agricultural products are continuously falling. In such a situation, the poverty that will emerge in India will be in rural areas. Raising people from this poverty is never going to be an easy task for the government.

A third result of this is going to be that a large number of people who are coming out of agriculture are now going to be unemployed.

Government will have to make 3 major reforms in the field of agriculture

What is the solution to these problems present in agriculture? Actually, the agricultural reform laws have been introduced. He seems completely dishonest. Experts are not expecting that the income of the farmers will increase. Now what can the government do in such a situation?

The first thing is that the government should provide basic income directly to the farmers. And a Basic Income Guarantee Scheme can be introduced. For this, many schemes should be restructured and bring at least one scheme. Which should give direct money in the hands of farmers. Secondly, the industrialists who have been given millions of crores of rupees can be reduced. Because until there is no demand in the economy. So there is no point in giving exemption to industrialists. The government’s fiscal deficit will also not increase with industry waivers being discontinued. And the economy will start running again. The third reform that can be done is that the industries which set up industries around rural areas. Exempting it can be stopped.

According to recently released government data, industrialists set up industries near rural areas. But the rural people do not benefit from it. Rather it is the urban people who take advantage of it. In such a situation, these 3 major reforms can be implemented by the government in the region.

Urban economy will have to be strengthened

We are constantly hearing that the Indian agricultural economy is very strong. And it will get India out of this recession. But the facts are the opposite. 900,000 people who are becoming unemployed. If they are to be re-employed, India’s urban economy will have to be strengthened again. This will enable employment for these 90 lakh people.

At the same time, demand for agricultural products will also increase in the market. The demand for agricultural products will increase in the market. Only then will the farmers benefit. In such a situation, to present the fact that there is so much power in the rural areas of India, they will revive India’s economy. There is nothing but outright lies and fake words.



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