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What strategy is Donald Trump using to win the US presidential election

The presidential election date in the US is getting closer. By the way, the election enthusiasts have also intensified. US President Donald Trump is working hard to win the election once.

This time also, US President Donald Trump is talking about America First in the presidential election. And to make America great once again, they are saying their victory is necessary.

Let me tell you for information, US President Donald Trump is representing the Republican Party. Donald Trump also has a lot of emphasis on Indian voters this time.

Using the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Donald trump
Donald trump

In the US presidential election, this time Indian voters are being given special importance. And every candidate is leaving no stone unturned to woo Indian voters. US President Donald Trump wants to woo Indian voters to win the presidential election. And for this he is using the brand Modi.

Recently Donald Trump released a video for his election campaign. In which the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also seen. In such a situation, experts are hoping that by using the image of Narendra Modi, they want to woo Indian voters. However, it will be interesting to see if this trick of Donald Trump works or not.

By the way, you are aware that right now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is popular worldwide. And this is also what Donald Trump wants to use.

Donald Trump is moving towards successive wins

When the talk of presidential election started in America. Donald Trump was then trailing his rival Joe Biden. According to a survey of American news agencies, initially US President Donald Trump was behind Joe Biden by 15 points. However, this gap is now steadily decreasing. Which is important for Donald Trump.

Almost all the news channels are showing that Donald Trump is going to lose the presidential election in America this time. However, the distance between Joe Biden and Donal Trump has been steadily decreasing. And it is now just a distance of 7 digits. In such a situation, if Donal Trump works harder, he can also win the US presidential election.

Even Donald Trump’s favorite news channel Sky News has shown Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election.

US President Donald Trump is resorting to China to counter these election opinion.

Constantly saying that the media does not want me to win the election. Because it is going to harm these news channels. And it is going to benefit China directly. US President Donald Trump is constantly appealing that these electoral surveys be ignored.

The election opinion was proved wrong last time

The last time Donald Trump filed his presidential nomination. At that time every media group was showing the defeat of Donald Trump. But Donald Trump had won, proving all these poll analysts wrong.

In such a situation, it would be wrong to believe these election analysis above so soon. And this becomes even more important when there is a candidate like Donald Trump as a rival. However, it will be interesting to see now whether this electoral analysis proves true or Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

History of US presidential election with Donald Trump

With Donald Trump, there is one more thing about the US presidential election, the US presidential election that comes for the first time. The same person has won the election again. This has been happening for a long time. This practice has been in practice since 2002 in the US presidential election. In such a situation, Donald Trump’s chances of victory are higher now.

Let us tell you for information that a person in America can contest the presidential elections only twice. No person can submit a presidential candidature more than 2 times. This is a law in the US.

Donald Trump needed my victory to beat China

Donald Trump also conducts election meetings wherever. They do not forget to remind the voters that if I want to defeat China, my victory is necessary.

Donald Trump says in every speech that if America’s future is to be reformed, then vote for me. Because it is going to harm China.

Let us tell you for information that this time China has emerged as a big issue in the presidential election of America. However, Joe Biden has never favored China. But US President Donald Trump is saying that this time China wants Joe Biden to win the election.

Donald Trump has been an emotional appeal in the US presidential election. So that voters can be wooed. At the same time, Donald Trump is also talking about making America great this time. Donald Trump says that America will become great if I win the election. Donald Trump is saying that I have faced a lot of challenges. But still whatever promises I have made during the presidential election. Have completed them all.

Now that we have to deal with China, vote me. The US President has been consistently presenting a major threat to China in election speeches. So that voters can get their votes by showing fear. At the same time, US President Donald Trump also has a strong hold in the US Voters. It will be interesting to see if they vote now.

Donald Trump has been preparing for elections for a long time

Donald Trump had been preparing for re-election ever since he was elected President in 2016. You can guess this from the fact that, when President Trump won the presidential election. Only then an election secretary was appointed for himself.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump is spending billions of dollars to promote himself on social media. And using aggressive video in it.

Donald Trump is using election funding for his companies

Donald Trump has been increasingly accused of using election funds for his companies. But Trump has consistently denied these allegations. During the US presidential elections, it is common in the media to discuss that most of the money Trump receives is being used by his companies. Which is also promoting Donald Trump. According to media reports, so far Donald Trump’s companies have used about $ 2 million.

Donald Trump is avoiding giving controversial speech

Donald Trump, who tweets on everything, is avoiding controversial speeches in view of presidential elections these days. Donald Trump is telling American voters his future election. Donald Trump is showing fear of his studies to woo American young voters.

Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of spoiling the future of American students. And want to reduce the school budget. By saying this, Donald Trump not only wants to attract American young voters. Rather, he wants to draw his parents too. Donald Trump constantly declares himself as the greatest patriot in his speeches.



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