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What is the solution of unemployment in India

Talking about the figures of 2018, India was the fastest growing economy in the world. But even then, the prevalence of unemployment in India was that India had the highest unemployment of 45 years. These figures are from the NSSO, the government agency itself. Which releases data related to unemployment and growth rate every year.

The government then refused to accept these figures. However, after the Lok Sabha elections, the government accepted these figures of the NSSO. The problem of unemployment in India is also at the government level. The government itself does not want people to get employment.

The condition of government jobs in India is very bad. And there are millions of vacancies here. If we talk about average government jobs all over the world, then there are around 3.5 jobs per 100 people. Whereas in India the average of government jobs is just two per 100 people. Which is much less than the world.

If you look at the ratio of patient to doctor, then you will see long lines there too. If you see the ratio of teacher to student, then you will also see a shortage of teachers there. Government tax can solve the problem of unemployment in India. But the government itself is stuck in a system from which either does not want to leave. Or no way out now exists.

In such a situation, the question arises that then what is the solution to the problem of unemployment in India? Do we have to keep battling unemployment like this now?

Corruption is increasing in India due to unemployment

In India, corruption is also increasing continuously due to the vacancy of government jobs. You must be wondering what kind of logic it is. Where corruption is increasing due to vacant government posts.

Let me give you an example here. Suppose there are 100 posts in a government department and only 10 people are working there. So if you have to get your work done quickly, then you will have to pay those officers. In such a situation, the more government posts in India will remain vacant. Equally high unemployment will increase in India and corruption will also arise.

Assembly elections have been held in Bihar recently. And there unemployment had emerged as a major issue. Then the question was asked to the government, why are you not filling government posts? So the government said that we do not have a budget. If the opposition party is talking about giving 1000000 government jobs. And if that happens then the government will come back on the road. And he will not have the money to spend in development work.

Now let us tell you one more fact about these false false claims of the government. For the last 10 years, the state government and the central government in India have been continuously increasing taxes. You will be surprised to know that 70 to 80% of our total savings goes back to the government as tax. In such a situation, there is no point in the fact that the government does not have the money. Actually, the truth is that the government does not want to fill government posts.

On the other hand, if we talk about the expenditure of the last 10 years of the central government, then it has increased more than 3 times. When Pranab Mukherjee presented the budget in 2009, the government’s expenditure was about 10 lakh 47000 crores, which has now increased to 10 lakh 50 thousand crores. The government is continuously increasing taxes and its revenue is also increasing continuously. So why does the government not recruit government posts again?

In such a situation, the government’s claim that it does not have the money to recruit for government posts. In such a situation, the question arises that the expenditure of the government is increasing continuously. But where is this money going? Nobody has the answer to this.

If we talk about interest on savings in 2010, banks used to get interest of about 8%. Which has now come down to around 5%. In such a situation, the government is constantly increasing taxes. And they are collecting tax from the people but then why are they not providing employment to the people? This is a great question. Which should be asked by the government.

Government is promoting jobless growth

The biggest question here is that the government is promoting jobless growth. If we talk about the figures of 2018, India was the fastest growing economy in the world. And here the economy was constantly moving forward.

But another reality at the same time is that unemployment had reached its highest level in India at that time. According to NSSO data, the unemployment rate in India had reached an all-time high of 45 years in 2018. Which was the highest ever. And this unemployment rate is continuously increasing in India.

In states like Bihar, the unemployment rate has reached around 45%. In such a situation, the question arises that where is the government spending money only? What projects is that! Where money is being spent but employment is not being generated. Whether it is the condition of the railways or other government departments, the position there is constantly vacant. But why are their services still not getting better? While there the government is constantly spending money.

We are also being charged extra tax in the name of education, health and hygiene. If we talk about the field of education, there are many government schools in India. But still people are compelled to teach their children in private schools. Because there is no teacher available to teach in government schools. While money is constantly being spent on the buildings of government schools. And this money is going into the pockets of the contractors. Which is not true in any way for India’s economy.

This is also the case with other taxes. If we talk about cleanliness cess, then its condition is the same. Till date the government has collected millions of crores in the name of cleanliness cess. But how many jobs did it generate and how much sanitation in India came after the imposition of sanitation cess? There is no information about this.

India’s tax system is against generating employment

India’s tax system is also a reason for the large number of unemployment in India. In India, more tax is levied on the industry where more employment is generated. You can find petroleum companies related to the energy sector here. Petroleum companies are taxed in very small amounts. Whereas employment is also generated in very small amounts.

Now, if we talk about the textile sector and the automobile sector here, then there are the most jobs in India. And these 2 sectors are also highly taxed in India. So India’s tax system can be called anti-employment. We have to change this situation. Only then will the problem of unemployment in India be possible.

All the tax exemptions in India are given on investment. No company is asked how many jobs were generated in India through your investment? If we give tax exemption to companies on the basis of generating employment in India, the unemployment situation in India can be resolved to a great extent.

Companies in India are investing but this investment is not generating employment. And this is what economists are calling jobless development. The biggest reason for this is also India’s tax system. If companies are given tax exemption on the basis of employment and wage increase, then the problem of unemployment in India is possible.

I give here another major reason for increasing unemployment in India. Whenever the tax rate is reduced in India, the coffers of companies are filled. But how many people get employment due to this tax rate reduction? There is no account of this.

Prior to the corona virus, the government reduced the tax rates and gave a rebate of more than 1 lakh 50000 crore to the industry husbands. But this did not generate employment in India. Even after the end of the corona virus, the Indian government gave a lot of leeway to industrialists. And gave them cheap loans. But the government has not told any company that you will get all these discounts only if you do not remove people from work. And will generate new jobs.

In such a situation, it becomes clear that the government does not want to give government jobs. On the other hand, the private sector is also not being encouraged to generate employment. In such a situation, how to solve the problem of unemployment in India is not understood.

India’s GDP is not increasing employment

The biggest reason for unemployment in India is also that India’s GDP is increasing continuously. But because of this GDP, unemployed people are not getting employment in India.

The GDP figures are released every year in India. And it is said that what percentage of growth has been seen in India’s GDP. But how many people have got employment from this growth? We do not have any data on this.

At the same time, per capita income rattle is caught every year. And in India it is said that every person earns so many lakh rupees on an average in India. But the biggest problem in this per capita income is that both a laborer and Mukesh Ambani are measured equally. And the two together earn the equal amount of money. In this case, per capita income and GDP are the biggest liars in the world. Which are taught to us in Economics.

And the biggest problem of India’s economy is that GDP is continuously increasing here. How to reach the last person? The government does not have any plan for this. Due to this, unemployment is continuously increasing in India. Until our share of GDP reaches every person. It is almost impossible for us to eliminate unemployment.

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