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What is the allegations of farmers against agrarian reform laws

The government has introduced three new laws to improve farming in the Rajya Sabha today. These agrarian reform laws have already been passed in the Lok Sabha. The central government had a majority there. But now the state does not have a majority in the state government to pass these agrarian reform laws. At the same time, there is an increasing conflict between the farmers and the government regarding the Agrarian Reform Act.

Farmers want some important changes to be made in agricultural reform laws. So that farmers can benefit. The same farmers are also showing fear that the Agricultural Reform Act will increase unemployment. And the farmers will go bankrupt.

The same government is describing the agrarian reform laws as epoch-making. Is presenting as a new morning for farmers. The government says that after the passage of the Agricultural Reform Act, farmers’ income will double. And they will get a chance to live better.

Market system will end, farmer

Farmers are saying that the new agricultural reform law will end the mandi system. According to the new law, now any person will be able to buy the produce directly from the farmers. The same market will still work. But the farmers say that when the capitalist class starts buying the produce directly from the farmers, then this mandi system will end. And later we will buy the produce from the farmers at an arbitrary price.

Farmers fear that if industry becomes monopoly in husbands’ agriculture, they will still buy agricultural produce from farmers at arbitrary prices, due to which the condition of farmers may worsen in the coming days.

Farmers say that the mandi system has already been scrapped in a state like Bihar. And the farmers in Bihar are in the worst condition in the country. In such a situation, if the mandi system is abolished in states like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, then the situation will be similar for the farmers here.

Farmers say that big industrialists will initially buy agricultural produce at higher prices. And after that when the mandi system is finished, then they will buy agricultural produce at arbitrary price. In this case, the Agricultural Reforms Act is a loss deal for the farmers.

The farmer wants the government to abolish the minimum support price

Farmers allege that through agrarian reform laws, the government wants to end the minimum support price policy. Farmers say that right now the government has purchased food grains directly from the mandis at the minimum support price. Now the mandi system will end, then how can the government buy the minimum support price food grains. Farmers allege that the government wants to abolish the support price.

At the same time, the government is constantly stressing that the minimum support price scheme in agriculture will never be scrapped. The government says that the new agrarian reform laws will give farmers an additional option to sell their crops. So that they will get better price for their agricultural produce.

Agricultural reform laws have failed in Europe and America

Farmers say that earlier in Europe and America similar farmer agrarian reform laws were implemented. Which have now failed there.

Farmers say that like Europe and America, the condition of farmers is deteriorating day by day. And the government there gives huge subsidy benefits for the farmers to continue their agriculture. Even in such conditions, the condition of the farmers has become crispy there. In such a situation, if the Agrarian Reform Act is implemented in India, then the condition of farmers can increase in the coming days in India too.

Farmers say that in countries like Europe and America, farming has now come completely under the capitalists. And farmers have become laborers in their own fields. Similar situations can happen in India in the coming days. In such a situation, the government should not pass this law in Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha.

The same farmers say that the Shiromani Akali Dal, an ally of the government itself, has withdrawn its support on the issue. Then why is the government implementing these agricultural reforms? Farmers say that when those people are opposing the law, on which this law is to be applied. In this case, how can this law be correct? Farmers say that when these agrarian reform laws were being made. No opinion was taken from the farmers then. And the result of this is that we are opposing them.

Farmers say that there is no procurement from farmers at the minimum support price in Bihar. And there is no mandi system. Because of this, farmers have to come to states like Haryana and Punjab to sell their crops at the minimum support price. In the coming days, when the mandi system will not remain in the whole country, then what will happen to the farmers?

No minimum support price provision

Farmers say that there is no provision for minimum support price in agricultural reform laws. And if the capitalists have accumulated their rights in the field of agriculture too, they will buy above the farmers at an arbitrary price. This can worsen the condition of farmers in the coming days. The farmers say that this law is of no use if the minimum support price is not implemented.

The farmers say that when there is no provision for minimum support price, then what is the meaning of these new laws? Because still on the basis of this system, farmers are selling their produce to traders.

Relationship between farmers and traders

Neither the relationship of farmers and traders has emerged as a major obstacle in agricultural reform laws. In fact, whenever a farmer needs money, he borrows money from his merchant. But when the bourgeoisie enters the agricultural sector, this relationship will end.

The farmers fear that no one will come with them in trouble. It is not that the farmer keeps earning from the crop for the whole year. He gets yield money only once. In such a situation, whenever the farmer needs money, where will he go.

Farmers say that we have a sustainable alternative in the form of mandis. Wherever we can go and sell our crop at any time, if the mandi system is scrapped, then it will not be easy for us to sell our crop. When there is no market to sell the crop, who will buy our crop?

Unemployment will increase with new agrarian reform laws

Farmers say that there is also a danger of increasing unemployment in the country due to new agricultural laws. Farmers say that under the mandi system at present, about 2,000,000 laborers are daily wage in mandis. When the mandi system itself is abolished, then the employment of these laborers will also be lost.

They will not get minimum wages even while doing open wages. And there will be no security. Farmers say that unemployment is already a big problem in India. And this problem is going to get worse with the Agrarian Reform Act.



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