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What is quantum physics

Quantum physics is one of the topics of science that has been discovered. But it is still quite difficult to understand. Quantum physics is a subject used in our everyday life. But why is it so difficult to understand?

You will not believe it, but every work related to our life is completed only because of quantum physics. But yet we know very few things about quantum physics. And it is also very difficult to explain.

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics is the part of science where molecules, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. are discharged. Quantum physics was the most important theory of the twentieth century. It is also called quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

It has been given this name due to the structure of quantum physics. Quantum physics may have been discovered even in the twentieth century. But this is the most unsolved science chapter ever. Scientists are constantly trying to solve it.

Discovery of quantum physics

On 14 September 1900, Max Planck discovered quantum physics. He did the research on black body radiation and hypothesized that instead of continuous flow of light and other radiation energy, they move in the form of small packets. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of Max Planck. This is considered to be the most revolutionary theory of quantum physics ever.

Using this same hypotheosis, Albert Einstein did a light electric effect experiment.

What is quantum

Now here we try to understand what is a quantum? Small packets of light are called quantum. The energy of each packet is fixed. It all depends on the frequency of light. Its formula is -e = hv. Where h is the Planck constant and v is recurring.

In such a situation, you must have understood what is the definition of quantum physics and how it can be defined. In fact, scientists are saying that we should consider it as the beginning of quantum physics. Right now we have to continue a lot of research about this. As the search for quantum physics progresses. Our lives will also become easier. Because our life is completely connected to quantum physics.

Use of quantum physics in our life

In simple words, every event that happens in our life is based on quantum physics. If you have cooked food, that food is also cooked due to quantum physics. In addition, the entire computer world is based on quantum physics.

You would be surprised to know that if we did not know about quantum physics, we would not even have computers available. In such a situation, you can understand that quantum physics is a very important subject.

In addition, smartphone laser medical devices are all based on quantum physics. Quantum physics also contributes to making telecommunication easier. The Google map that is used every day in our life also uses GPS. And GPS is based on quantum physics.

Important concepts related to quantum physics

Scientists have made a lot of discoveries about quantum physics so far. In such a situation, we will try to know what concepts have been given from quantum physics so far and what is the concept behind it?

Dual nature

Everything in the universe exists in the form of particles and waves. That is, any one object can be a wave and a particle at a time. This means that every object has some properties of particles at the same time and some properties are waves. In this manner, the same object appears as a wave and wave at a time.

That is, quantum particles are both particles and waves at one time.

Uncertainty and Probability

Uncertainty and probability is an important principle of quantum physics. In the quantum world, very small particles are actually found. Particles such as Electron proton and Photon are found.

Probability of any event in the universe is not 100%. This means that any event can happen at any time. In addition, it is also difficult to determine the exact location of quantum particles. That is, when and which particle will be in which situation, it cannot be known with assurance. That is, the location of the particles remains unstressed.

Quantum entanglement

Quantum intect particles have a property that is entangled. In such a situation, if any action is done on any particle, then it also has an effect on the other particle. This action continues even if the distance between the two particles is increased. However, its effect is definitely reduced by increasing the distance.

Even if 2 intact particles are present on two different planets, both have action. This nature of quantum physics makes it very complex. Which is much more difficult to accept.

Even one of the world’s greatest scientists, Albert Einstein, found it very difficult to accept quantum physics. But according to scientists, quantum physics is present all around us and if any work related to quantum physics is done, then it also gets a response.



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