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What is amazon aws?

Amazon aws is a cloud based web hosting company. Its owner is American giant e-commerce company Amazon. Amazon AWS is named second in the world of web hosting after Google Cloud. In addition to this, Microsoft offers Azure Web Hosting Providers. Apart from this, there are other companies in the market that provide web hosting services. Which includes companies such as Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean and Vulture.

Amazon aws is famous for providing its fastest web hosting services. If you want to take your company online, then this Amazon AWS may be the best option for you.

The company charges you around $ 3 in web hosting. And you can get more than one lakh customers to visit your store. After this you will have to pay more for more customers. If you pay around $ 50, Amazon AWS provides you with a fair amount of service. Talking about the same Google Cloud, you may have to pay around $ 150 for one lakh customers. Which in itself is very much.

Amazon aws starting

Amazon aws was launched in July 2002. If you see its people in the beginning, it indicates that we have to expand even more.

When Amazon AWS was introduced, it faced the challenges of big companies like Google Cloud and Microsoft. But due to its cheap and good quality, Amazon AWS went ahead. At present, Amazon AWS is the world’s third largest cloud storage provider after Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. In this you can keep your website live, in addition you can also use the cloud remote storage provided by Amazon AWM.

If you want to bring your website or app online with the world’s latest technology, then amazon aws may be a better option. However, experts recommend Google Cloud more. But even if we talk about good service at the lowest prices, then everyone takes the name of Amazon AWS.

Amazon aws payment method

If we talk about payment gateway from Amazon EWS, then you can use debit card, credit card or net banking. According to your country, you can also be given the option of PayPal from Amazon AWS. However, this facility is available in a few countries.

The thing to note here is that the debit card and credit card from Amazon AWS currently supports MasterCard visa and American Express only. If you use a local debit card while making a payment, it cannot be accepted by Amazon aws.

The thing to note here is that whatever is on your debit and credit card you are using to pay. It should have international transactions on. If it is not, then you will not be able to pay your bill on Amazon AWS. For this, application is provided by your bank. Through that application you can also turn on international transactions on your debit or credit card. Or you can contact your bank also.

Apart from this, you can also pay through Net Banking on Amazon AWS. Although net banking of a few banks is accepted by Amazon AWS.

In such a situation, you should check your bank account whether your bank is available for net banking there or not. If not, then you can open your account online in any one of the options given by Amazon AWS. Nowadays accounts of zero balance are opened. In this case, you can also pay through net banking on amazon aws.

Keep in mind that while paying on Amazon AWS, you will have to pay taxes levied by different countries. For example, if you are an AWS user from India, then you have to pay 18% GST. Apart from this, you can be charged 2 to 3% additional tax as a payment gateway. It depends on your payment method.

Pay as you go billing system

Pay as you go billing system has been chosen as a payment facility to you by Amazon aws. Under this billing system, you are billed only as much as the resource is used. For example, suppose your plan is $ 200 per month. But if you have used the resource for only $ 150, then you have to pay only $ 150 to AWS. Regardless of how big a server you have chosen.

The real-time billing system has been adopted by Amazon aws. In such a situation, you can see every hour how much you may have to pay in the coming month. The more visitors who come to your website or app, the more you will have to pay to Amazon AWS.

It is usually seen that a bill is sent to you monthly. There is no transparency of any kind. But this is not the case with Amazon AWS. You can see each month’s bill indirectly in the billing section on Amazon AWS. You have been given a separate section on Amazon AWS for billing. You can also add your additional payment method there. Apart from this, the existing payment method can also be deleted or any change can be made in it.

Apart from this, if you look at web hosting provider companies like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure Alibaba, then they also adopt this billing system. In such a situation, if you use a trusted web hosting, then there is full care of transparency at the time of billing. Pay as you go. The use of payment method gives you an almost accurate account of the expenses incurred on web hosting. .

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