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What does China want to express with the border dispute with countries?

China is the only country in the world that has a border dispute with every country. But is this border dispute real? And what does China want to show from these border disputes? It is important.

China has had a border dispute with India for a long time. And China is not willing to accept the boundary line between India and China. States like Arunachal Pradesh Assam also consider China as their share. After the war between India and China, China occupied Tibet. But after that India protested strongly and stopped China from moving forward. The latest controversy is an example of this.

From which country is China’s border dispute?

China border dispute with countries.
China border dispute with countries

With the exception of only one Pakistan, China has a border dispute with every country that borders China. Pakistan and China do not have a border dispute because now China has occupied almost the whole of Pakistan. China has occupied almost the entire Baluchistan in the name of One Belt One Road Initiative. And now there are separate colonies for the people of China. Where the people of Pakistan are not allowed to come. In such a situation, you can guess that under the debt burden of China, Pakistan is paying a huge price in return for money to China.

In the same media, there have been reports that Pakistan has agreed to give some of its territory to China permanently in exchange for debt.

The border dispute between India and China has been going on for a long time. And there is no solution to this. A big reason for this is China’s ambition. China has always been ambitious. And its policy of grabbing the land of its neighbors has been in place for a long time. In such a situation, the distance between India and China is constantly increasing. And the result of this is that today 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India. At the same time, the Indian government is taking strong action against Chinese companies.

China also has a border dispute with India and China’s neighboring country Bhutan. Recently China has asserted its rights over some new areas of Bhutan. However, China has not entered Bhutan due to strong opposition and action from India. Earlier, there was a dispute between China and Bhutan about Doklam. Even then India was interrupted. And China was not successful in its plans. In addition, Taiwan, which China describes as its territory. Is an independent country. China has always threatened Taiwan to take military action and China will occupy Taiwan. But this does not seem to be happening.

Because the US is constantly supplying arms to Taiwan. And the United States has always considered it necessary for regional integrity. However, in this South Asian region, under power management, the US is supplying arms to Taiwan. Apart from this, China has also exerted control over Hong Kong by implementing the National Security Act recently. After which the western countries have started taking strong action against China.

If you are thinking that China has no border dispute with Russia, then you are thinking wrong. There was also a border dispute between Russia and China. But China was subsequently overtaken by its claims due to military action.

What does China want to achieve through border dispute?

If you look carefully, China is constantly increasing its border dispute with every country. This is not the only reason behind the ground. It also has political and economic aspects. Actually China wants to make itself a super power. And he is intimidating and threatening countries in this haste. However, the fact is that China’s own economy is also staggered. And there is a great resentment against the Communist Party of China inside China as well. And perhaps that’s why China is giving rise to the border dispute to divert public attention. Another important reason behind this is the ambition of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Actually Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to make China a super power as soon as possible. Due to this, China wants to become super power with its grandeur. But this does not seem to be possible. Because India has been continuously opposing China. And now India has come out against China openly.

Earlier, India was neutral in the US-China dispute. But after the clash between the soldiers of India and China, India has started opposing China. And has started uniting the whole world against China. However, China would not have thought this.

There is so much dissatisfaction in China against the Communist Party of China. You can guess from the fact that China is the only country in the world whose internal security budget is more than its national security budget. And this budget is used by China to suppress the internal protests there. Does. In such a situation, it has become necessary for China to divert public attention there. That is why China is constantly airing the border dispute.

The US has been continuously accusing China that China kept the world in the dark about the corona virus epidemic. And for this reason, millions of deaths are happening worldwide. In order to divert the attention of the world from this issue, China has given more attention to the border dispute. It is not that this border dispute is new. But in recent days, ever since China has been accused of Corona virus epidemic, China has given more impetus to the border dispute. As such, it is clear that China is raising this border dispute to avoid international accountability for the corona virus epidemic.

China sees border dispute costlier

It is not that the intentions of China seem successful in the border dispute. Actually, China is paying a heavy price because of these border disputes. And to date, China is isolated in the whole world. Only one South Korea and Pakistan are the countries which are seen standing with China. That too due to debt and business relationships. Pakistan has been forced to go with China.

But recently Pakistan’s think tank had advised the government of Pakistan that now Pakistan should distance itself from China. Otherwise, Pakistan will be isolated along with China. In such a situation, China is now looking at the backfoot regarding the border dispute. And he is insisting on explaining the boundary dispute through dialogue. US President Donald Trump, who was making frequent speeches against China. Then he was alone around the world. But as soon as the corona virus epidemic came and China started asserting its rights on the land of almost every country, the number of countries supporting the Donald Trump also increased steadily. Today, the whole of Europe and countries around the world are included with America. India and Australia are also one. In such a situation, China has lost much more than it thought to the border dispute. At the same time, manufacturing units are also constantly coming out of China. In such a situation, manufacturing hub China is now seen to be its reign. Due to this, unemployment is also increasing continuously in China. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see that China does not lose the title of second largest economy in the world due to its border dispute.

America and China face to face in South China Sea

China has been asserting its right over the South China Sea for a long time. The United States and China have now come face to face regarding the South China Sea. And both seem to be creating war conditions. But both countries probably do not want war.

The biggest reason for this is economic. Both countries are not in the condition that they can withstand any war at this time.

Due to Corona virus epidemic also, the economies of both the countries have become very weak. But still the US does not seem to be in a mood to leave China under any circumstances. In fact, there are many islands in the South China Sea which are occupied by countries like Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. But China has been asserting its rights on these islands. At the same time, China has created artificial islands in the South China Sea. Where he wants to build his military base.

But opposing this policy of US, China has landed three of its warships in the South China Sea. Countries like Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan along with fellow have intensified the siege against China. At the same time, NATO member countries have also landed their fighter jets and ships against China. In such a situation, China could not achieve anything due to border disputes. But now a lot of China has definitely been put on the claim.

In such a situation, in the coming time, the power of Si Jinping will also be challenged in China because as the dispute increases, the difficulties of China will increase and at the same time, China seems to be constantly weakening.



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