Delhi air pollution

What can the government do to control air pollution in the capital Delhi

Due to air pollution, living in Delhi is becoming increasingly difficult. The Supreme Court itself has called Delhi as a gas chamber. The Supreme Court says that the sole purpose of our hearing is to reduce air pollution in Delhi.

In view of this, during the last hearing, the Supreme Court had said that we are setting up a committee headed by Justice Madan Lokur. And this committee will suggest to us how can air pollution be reduced in Delhi? But will air pollution in Delhi be reduced only through the committee? And what can the government do for this? Whether it is the Government of Delhi or the Central Government, both will have to make efforts together only when there will be pollution in Delhi.

It is not that the Central Government has not taken steps to reduce air pollution in Delhi. But their impact is rarely seen. At the same time, Kejriwal government of Delhi has also adopted Odd Even Formula to reduce air pollution in Delhi. Apart from this, water is also being sprinkled on the roads. But all this is not a permanent provision. Due to which pollution has reduced in Delhi.

But this pollution is still so much that it is becoming difficult to breathe in Delhi. According to the recently released pollution data in Delhi there is 339 ppm. Which shows very poor air quality. Earlier, air pollution in Delhi has gone up to 400 ppm.

What can the government do to reduce air pollution in Delhi?

To reduce air pollution in Delhi, the government is continuously spraying water on the roads. So that the pollution particles sit down there. And Delhi should have least pollution. One advantage of spraying water on the roads in Delhi is that small amounts of dust fly. It also helps in reducing air pollution.

A second step has been taken by the Delhi government to reduce air pollution in Delhi, where large fans have been installed to prevent air pollution. Those who throw away air pollution but all this is not a permanent solution, then the question arises that what can the government do to reduce air pollution in Delhi?

Aravali ranges can reduce air pollution in Delhi

It is generally seen that Aravalis are being harmed by large scale land mafia and mining mafias. Its effect on Delhi is that there is a large amount of desert spreading and hot winds are coming to Delhi.

Apart from this, air pollution is also increasing in Delhi due to illegal mining. In such a situation, it is necessary to protect the Aravali mountain ranges from the land mafia and mining mafia and plant large quantities of trees above the Aravali ranges. If a large amount of plantation is done on the Aravalli ranges, then it will rain in Delhi on time. And at the same time it will help in reducing air pollution.

Government may ban old vehicles

However, the entry of old vehicles into Delhi has already been banned. But the old vehicles are still running in Delhi. There is a need to curb them strictly. At the same time, petrol and diesel of bs6 should be sold in Delhi and Delhi NCR. And the sale of any type of petrol diesel should be banned.

This can help reduce air pollution in Delhi. The petrol and diesel of the bs6 standard adds less air pollution. Also, the air pollution certificate should be made mandatory for all vehicles. If anyone promotes air pollution, then strict penalties should be made against it. The biggest thing about all these works is that the government does not need to spend much money in this. And easily air pollution in Delhi will also be reduced.

Government should help farmers to stop burning stubble

It is generally seen that from September to December, air pollution in Delhi increases greatly. The biggest reason among these is the burning of stubble by the farmers. Straws are burnt in large numbers by farmers in Punjab and Haryana. To stop these farmers, the government can give an initiative to the farmers. And stubble can discourage burning.

At the same time, new types of products can also be manufactured from parali. And if the farmers will profit by not burning the straw, they will not do so. In such a situation, a major cause of air pollution in Delhi can be eliminated.

It is seen that the state and central governments are trying to prevent the burning of stubble. But all the state and central governments together have to stop the farmers from burning stubble. Only then will air pollution in Delhi reduce.

Apart from this, a large number of firecrackers are lit in Delhi on Deepawali. It is generally seen that air pollution reaches its highest level in Delhi during Diwali. In such a situation, burning of readers can be banned in Delhi to reduce air pollution. Or Green Pataco can be promoted. So that Delhi gets least pollution. A fixed time limit can also be set for burning crackers. However, the time has been set by the Supreme Court to burn firecrackers in Delhi. But it still needs to be fully implemented.

What do government statistics say about air pollution?

Talking about the government statistics about air pollution in Delhi and all over India, a report was released recently.

According to this report, after applying the standard for BS6 petrol and diesel across the country, air pollution has decreased by 25%. On the other hand, if we talk about the statistics of Delhi’s air pollution, then last year the central government released a report. According to this report, air pollution in Delhi has come down by 10%.

However, this deficiency is still not so much that we can breathe easily in Delhi. And still air pollution in Delhi remains at a dangerous level. In such a situation, the government will soon have to take steps to reduce air pollution. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the people of Delhi to live in the coming days.

Coal-fired power plants have to be shut down

It is not that the central government has not taken steps to promote green energy across the country. But if we want to reduce Delhi’s air pollution, then coal-fired power plants around Delhi have to be closed.

According to a Delhi government report, there are about 15 such power plants operating in and around Delhi-NCR that run on fossil fuels. And this power plant promotes air pollution in Delhi in large numbers. According to the Delhi government, 14 of these 15 power plants are built on old technology. And they spread air pollution in Delhi in large numbers.

According to the Delhi government, if these power plants are closed, then Delhi can get relief to a large extent in terms of air pollution. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what steps the central government takes regarding these power plants.

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