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What are index funds and how to invest in them

Usually you see that there is a lot of fluctuation in the stock market. That much fluctuation is not seen in your shares. Sometimes if the stock market goes up 5%, then your shares only go up 2-3%. Why does this happen? And how can you track the stock market? We will learn about it. One solution to this is reported to expert index funds. If you invest in index funds, you will be affected by the volatility of the market. This means that if you invest in index funds, the more the market goes up, the more your shares will also go up. At the same time, your stocks will also fall when the market falls below.

There is less risk in index funds. At the same time it also provides good returns. Therefore, experts recommend investing some part of your portfolio in index funds. Index funds also give you quick returns.

Share market index

Now we will try to understand here that, after all, what is a stock market index? And how is it made. There are different types of stock market indexes in the stock market around the world. Some companies are added to the stock market index. Which is the top performer. And an index is created from it. Such as nifty50 nifty bank and similar index are also prepared. This makes it easier for you to choose shares in the stock market and your risk is also reduced.

In the same way, there are stocks of 30 companies in the Sensex in India. Which come from different sectors. And in this way the SENSEX index has been prepared.

You’d love to hear about intakes. The index returns at least as much as the market goes up. Index funds are called ETF knowledgeable exchange traded funds in the language of the stock market.

Who is good for investment in exchange traded funds?

Now the question arises here that people should invest in ETFs? And which people can get better returns through ATS. Those who do not know much about the stock market should invest in ETFs. Or they are not so easy to choose shares.

Etf I can also invest those people who think that the stock market is going to go up in the coming time. But they do not know which stocks should be invested in. In such a situation, index funds come out as a better option for you. In such a situation, it is better to invest in ETFs without doing research about any stock.

If you are investing for long term then ETF can prove to be a better option for you. Generally, ETFs track the stock market completely. And your stock also goes up almost the same. The more your index goes up.

How to invest in ETFs?

Now the question is coming in your mind that, how can you invest in ETFs? Investing in ETFs is absolutely easy. If any of your brokers have a demat account, you can easily invest in ETFs.

You can search ETF by visiting your broker’s website. You will have a lot of options. There you will get the option whether you want to invest in the Sensex or invest in the Nifty. There are some ETFs that track the SENSEX. Also, there are some ETFs that track nifty50.

Whichever ETF you like here. You can buy her shares. ETF shares are also bought and sold in the same manner. The way in which normal stocks are done. And index funds get registered in your demat account.

Losses of index funds

Now you might be thinking that, if index funds are equally beneficial, then why does not everyone invest in index funds? You will know this when the benefit is associated with something. So some risk comes with him. The same is true with index funds. There are some risks associated with index funds. Although it is very less.

The biggest problem with index funds is liquidity. When the stock of a large company is over-bought. And if there are a large number of people who sell it, then we say that liquidity is good. But this is not the case with index funds. When you go to buy shares in index funds, there may be no seller available to sell the shares. This usually happens when the stock market goes up. At that time there is a lack of liquidity in the market.

If we remove the liquidity problem from the ETF, then it is a very good index. From here you can buy stocks randomly while going over the market.

solution of liquidity

Now you must be thinking that if suppose you need money, then you will not be able to sell your stocks due to lack of liquidity. And you will be stuck in a problem. There is a solution to this thing as well. Through which you can reduce your risk even more. This is called index mutual fund.

Index mutual funds are also similar to ordinary mutual funds. Mutual funds take money from people and invest in stocks that track the market. Index mutual funds keep a small amount of money as cash positions. And in this way we solve your liquidity problem. So that whenever there is a problem of liquidity in the market, he can easily solve the problem of the people.

How to choose best index mutual fund

Right now the question arises here how to choose the best index mutual fund? Because there are a lot of mutual funds available in the stock market. Those who invest in index funds. If you look carefully, through two things, you can easily find out, which is the best index mutual fund?

The first is the expense ratio. When buying any mutual fund, keep in mind the expense ratio. Expense ratio is called that, which is taken from you every year in the name of mutual fund maintenance. The lower the expense ratio. The less you will have to pay the charge and the more returns you will get.

Index mutual funds invest directly in index funds. In such a situation, they do not have to spend much money on research. Because of this their expense ratio should also be low. The lower the expense ratio, the better for you.

There is one more thing to keep in mind when buying index mutual funds. How much cash is available with Index Mutual Funds? You have to see this thing as well. As we have told you above, index mutual funds keep a lot of cash with them. So that money can be given to its investors when there is a lack of liquidity. In this case, index mutual funds will have less cash reserves. That much you will get better returns. Because if more money is in the form of cash reserves, then you will not be able to invest and you will get less returns. Keep these two things in mind: You can choose the best mutual fund index for yourself.

How index funds are becoming popular

Now here we talk about how index funds are gradually becoming popular. If we talk about the figures of 2008, the size of index mutual funds was $ 800 billion. Which has now increased to more than $ 5 trillion.

Actually people are now being more cautious about their investment. They do not want them to lose money in the pursuit of high returns. Due to this, now they are becoming more attracted towards index mutual fund index funds. Lack of time is also a big problem with the people. In such a situation, they do not want to invest in the stock market randomly. In such a situation, index funds come out as a great option for them.

The risk in index funds is also less. Investors lose as much money. As much as the market has gone down. Or they get the same return as the market has gone up. This reduces risk.

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