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Use of blockchain technology in banking and various other sectors

Blockchain is being called the technology of the future. Blockchain is currently being used the most in cryptocurrencies. But apart from this, it can be used in banking real state, robotics, internet and other fields.

Blockchain technology can be best used in internet and banking sector. Blockchain can also be used to make satellites safer. The incidence of hacking and data breaching is increasing at present. In such a situation, blockchain technology can prove to be effective. In the coming times, the internet world is expected to be even more secure and privacy friendly with blockchain technology.

Use of blockchain technology in banking sector

If we look at the blockchain and the financial sector, the two are linked together. Most banking institutions only work 5 days a week. And this work is only for a fixed time. After that the banks are closed. Also, it is seen that you cannot usually do banking work on Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from this, there are a lot of holidays in the year. When you cannot do banking work, blockchain technology can provide solution to all this.

At the present time, when you go to deposit the check, it takes a lot of time to process. And it takes a lot of time for your transaction to happen. Apart from this, you cannot deposit your check even on the day of holiday. In such a situation, the transaction can be completed in only 10 minutes by integrated block chain technology.

Inter-banking transactions can also be done faster using the Blockchain technology. Apart from this, the timing of transactions with banks and other financial institutions can also be reduced. Apart from this, RTGS and NEFT transactions can also be made quick and secure by blockchain technology.

However, to use this technology, we need a central installation that monitors everything. At the same time, we will also need a large number of data centers which can process the data. If acted in this way, blockchain can prove to be a boon for the banking sector. At the same time, current fraud incidents can also be prevented.

If some changes are made to the blockchain technology, it can be decrypted and used in the banking sector in an even better way.

Blockchain Technology in Health Care Sector

Now we talk about how blockchain technology can be used in the health care sector? In the health sector, the data of patients can be stored in a safe place using blockchain technology.

In addition, blockchain technology can be used when the patient’s medical record is generated and signed.

Due to this, it will be comforting in the mind of the patient that his record can no longer be changed. Fraud in the health sector can also be prevented by this. In such a situation, if blockchain technology is used in the field of health, it can be a revolutionary change.

Apart from this, a private key can also be used with stored data. So that the privacy of the data can be further strengthened.

Use of blockchain technology in other areas

As we have already told you above, blockchain technology can be used in many fields. This includes elections to be held in democratic countries. If the election is to be made fair, blockchain technology can be used in it. It is completely safe.

In addition, blockchain technology can also be used in supply chain. Merchants can secure the data of purchased goods in the form of blockchain. So that the authenticity of the products can be authenticated.

Apart from this, there are many uses of blockchain technology. This reduces the cost significantly. Simultaneously, the interference of the third party company can also be reduced.

As well as blockchain technology can also be used in areas such as infrastructure education.

In this way, the future of blockchain technology is very bright and the use of blockchain technology is going to increase in the coming time. However, how will it be used? It is interesting to see. If blockchain technology is used in the manner of bitcoin, then things can get out of the hands of governments. Which may not be a good thing for any democracy.



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