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US President Donald Trump will give good news about Coronavirus in next 2 weeks

During his press briefing, US President Donald Trump has said that he will definitely give some good news in the next 2 weeks on the corona virus.

This good news may be due to the corona virus vaccine. For the information, let us know that the American company Moderna has started the third phase trial of the corona vaccine. And it is expected to result in the next 2 weeks. The trial was conducted on around 30,000 volunteers.

Donald Trump will give good news in next 2 weeks

Donald trump
Donald trump

During his press briefing, US President Donald Trump said that we would be in a position to give some good news about coronavirus in the next 2 years. Then we will also make some big announcements. The American President said that we will be able to really say something on this in the next 2 weeks.

America also helped with $ 472 million

US President Donald Trump’s administration has given $ 472 million in advance to the Modrna company to conduct research for the coronavirus vaccine. All this has been done to speed up the recharge of the corona virus. At the same time, the US Drug Controller Department is also helping Modrna Company. So that the coronavirus website can be obtained as quickly as possible.

Never before in human history has a vaccine been shown so quickly. Also, no vaccine has been produced so fast. This is the first time in the history of man that there is so much panic in the whole world about the vaccine of a disease. It is generally seen that it takes up to 10 years for a disease to be vaccinated. But here is expected to get Corona vaccine in 1 year or less. Which is unprecedented.

Oxford University is also in the running

Britain’s Oxford University is also in the race for the Coronavirus vaccine. The Oxford University trial has also reached the third stage.

Oxford University believes that his vaccine is effective against humans. It increases immunity. At the same time it is also effective in fighting the corona virus. According to Oxford University, her vaccine may be effective on coronavirus as well as other diseases.

Apart from this, two Chinese companies have also reached the third round of mandrail on the Coronavirus vaccine. Russia has claimed to have become a vaccine for Carona. He has developed a coronavirus vaccine. And its production will also start by August.

Supply and control will be monitored

The supply and control of the coronavirus vaccine will be monitored. And experts believe that the country will be the first to make the vaccine. It can control the manufacture and distribution of the coronavirus vaccine worldwide. In such a situation, we need all the countries to get the Corona virus vaccine on time. So that the world economy can be restarted. Only that man’s life can be saved.



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