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US President Donald Trump found Corona positive

The US president, who made fun of Corona, has now found himself corona positive. US President Donald Trump has been found to be Corona positive last night. Along with him his wife Millennia Trump has also been found to be Corona positive. However, no other positive has been found from his family member or not.

Trump’s being corona positive could also prove dangerous for his presidential campaign. Because this is the last week for the presidential campaign. After being found Corona positive, it is being said that US President Donald Trump will not be able to campaign for 1 month. It would be interesting to see who now elects to replace Donald Trump.

At the same time, according to a survey done by the American media, they are trailing their opponent Joe Biden by about 5 points. However, when the campaign started, he was trailing by 15 points. In such a situation, they have reduced the edge. But after Donald Trump’s Corona positive was found, his election campaigning has been stopped. It is being said that his daughter can now campaign for him.

For information, let us know that the number of Corona positive people is the highest in America. And one-third of corona-positives are present in the United States. In such a situation, you can guess the condition of Corona positive people in America. In the same number of deaths, America remains at number one. India is at number two.



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