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Transparency International Organization report released on corruption

Transparency International, which monitors corruption cases around the world, has released a report on corruption. There is no improvement in India’s situation in this report. Let us tell you for information that Transparency International has released a list of 180 countries. In this it is told that which country has so much corruption?

100 marks have been kept to measure the scale of corruption. The more the country gets the more points. There is less corruption there.

Denmark is at number one

According to Transparency International, Denmark has the least corruption in the world. Denmark is at number one. Finland’s number comes in second place. New Zealand is number three. Where corruption is the least. In this sequence, the fourth number comes from Norway and then Singapore.

The organization has said in its report that reporting has become difficult for journalists around the world. Corruption cases have increased. The organization has also said in its report that all the leaders promise good governance. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. According to the report of the organization, corruption has increased in 131 countries of the world.

India ranking in terms of corruption in the world

There has been no significant improvement in India’s ranking in terms of corruption. India has a ranking of 85 in terms of corruption worldwide. There has been an improvement in this. India has got 40 points like last time. This means that corruption has not decreased in India.

The organization has said in its report that there is a threat to human rights and democracy in the world. Two-thirds of the world’s countries have scored less than 50% marks. This means that corruption and dictatorship is increasing in the world.

Talking about the neighboring country of Pakistan, its ranking in the matter of corruption has deteriorated even more. Last time Pakistan’s ranking in corruption was 124. Which has increased to 140 this time. Corruption is increasing continuously in Pakistan.



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