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Tik Tok puts serious allegations on Facebook

Social media company Tik Tok in Beijing has made serious allegations against Facebook. Tiktok has even called Facebook a thief company. Facebook has accused Tik Tok of copying the idea. Tik Tok says that he is facing a lot of difficulties. At a time when Tik Tok was about to become a global social media company. At the same time Tik Tok is facing extraordinary challenges.

Let us tell you for information that America has prepared to ban Tik Tok. And there is talk of banning the company in 45 days.

What did Facebook accuse in Tick Tok

Donald trump
Donald trump

Tik Tok has accused Facebook of stealing her idea. For information, let us know that recently Facebook has released a new feature like Tick Talk on Instagram. What people are calling reels. This reels feature works exactly like Tik Tok. And this is why Tik Tok has accused Facebook of stealing the idea.

For information, let us know that Facebook is the largest social media company in the world. Apart from Facebook, Facebook now has Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram social media companies. And Tik Tok is just Facebook facing a challenge.

Facebook had earlier accused Tik Tok that it had acted to limit people’s political thinking. And those who criticize countries like China make it tick censor. Tiktok has always denied these allegations.

Donald trump warns to ban tick tok

Earlier, US President Donald Trump has spoken of banning Tik Tok. Regarding Tik Tok, Donald Trump says that it is a Chinese company. Which is acting at the behest of the Communist Party of China. Donald Trump has warned Tik Tok that either he should sell his business to another company. Or be ready to face the ban.

The US President Donald Trump administration has given Tik Tok 45 days to either sell Tiktok to another company. Otherwise we will ban it after 15 September.

Microsoft can buy Tik Tok

Meanwhile, Tik Tok has made preparations to sell its majority stake to Microsoft to avoid the ban. Recently Microsoft said in a statement that we are preparing to buy Tik Tok. And the conversation is going on with Tik Tok.

The deal is expected to be completed by Monday. At the same time, experts are applying more than three and a half million rupees in the global market valuation of Tik Tok. Let us tell you for information that every day more than 1 billion views are received on Tik Tok in India alone. In this case, you can guess the valuation of Tik Tok. The second largest market after India is the US for Tik Tok.

Microsoft has said in a statement that we will store the data of the people of America in America itself. And will obey the full rules and laws of America. He has also spoken with the US Donald Trump administration at Microsoft about buying Tiktok. After that Donald Trump has set September 15 as the date for the ban on Tik Tok.

Countries like Japan, Europe and Australia are also preparing to ban Tik Tok. There are reports in the media that apart from the Tik Tok of the US Donald administration, other Chinese apps may be banned.

Indian business can also sale Tik Tok to Microsoft

Meanwhile, news is coming that Tiktok may also sell its Indian business to American tech company Microsoft. Let us tell you for information that in the past, India had banned 59 apps from China. They also included Tik Tok.

In such a situation, there is news that Tik Tok is also talking to Microsoft about Indian business. At the same time, other news is also coming that Tik Tok may make Microsoft a partner in its entire global business. So that the stain of having a Chinese app can be erased from the tick.

Recently there were also reports about the head quarters of Tik Tok. That she can sift her head quarters from Beijing to some other place. There were also reports that Tiktok could shift its head quarter to a city in the US. And she is talking to various states of America about this. At the same time, there were also reports in the media that Tiktok may shift his head quarter to Europe or England as well. Although nothing can be said about it right now



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