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The voice of the farmers is being crushed on the Rajya Sabha and on the roads Rahul Gandhi

The new agrarian reform law has once again attacked the government, not Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi said that the voice of the farmers is being pressed on the Rajya Sabha and on the streets. Rahul Gandhi once again reiterated that the new agrarian reform law is like a death warrant for the farmers. It has introduced new agrarian reform laws to suppress the voice of the farmers. Let us tell you for information that Rahul Gandhi is surrounding the government on every issue. And keep posting.

In fact, in the Rajya Sabha recently, the new Agricultural Reform Law Bill has been passed. In this, the opposition was demanding voting. But Rajiv Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh Rai did not accept the demand. Bills passed by voice vote. The opposition alleges that the government was in a minority in the Rajya Sabha. And he did not have support. Therefore, new agrarian reform laws were not voted into the Rajya Sabha.

To this Harivansh Rai said that the MPs were not on their seats. When they were demanding voting. However, it is clearly visible in the video shown in Rajya Sabha TV that the Leader of the Opposition was demanding voting on their seats. In such a situation, whether the opposition goes to the Supreme Court about the process of passing these laws against the government or not, now it will be interesting to see.



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