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The changing world and its new priorities.

Now the world is entering a new era. And his priority is also changing. The Arab Deso has its priorities, the US and Europe have their own priorities. It seems that the world is making new agreements according to their needs. And old agreements are being left behind.

What are the possibilities for India in this new world and how can India move forward? This question has been repeatedly raised by the External Affairs Minister of India, Jaishankar Prasad, and Jaishankar Prasad has given some answer to it somewhere. Jaishankar Prasad has said that the coming new world is focusing on the domestic market rather than globalization.

Supply chains are breaking down, new supply chains are being built. All countries are moving forward according to their facilities. And India will have to do the same.

Problem of arab countries

Donald trump
Donald trump

Arab countries have problems. Arab countries are currently facing a lot of problems. Where Qatar is isolated. At the same time, the entire Arab world is still not one. Iran has its own problems. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are fighting for kingship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Turkey believes that it is associated with the Ottoman Empire. And he can lead the Arab world.

Whereas Saudi Arabia is leaving Turkey behind due to huge reserves of oil. And the same Saudi Arabia wants to become the leader of the Arab world. There is one more thing with Saudi Arabia and that America. America is continuously supporting Saudi Arabia. And all this is happening due to Saudi Arabian oil, but in the coming time the world is insisting on finding alternative sources of energy. And the oil game is not going to last long.

In such a situation, America will also no longer need Saudi Arabia. Then the conditions will change. And Turkey may also attack Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia has also started preparations to deal with it. And Saudi Arabia’s Sultan Mohammed bin Salman has decided to make Saudi Arabia a modern economy instead of an oil-based economy.

Under this, Saudi Arabia’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco has been listed on the stock markets. And a small part of it has been sold. Mohammed bin Salman says that women will have equal rights there. At the same time, modern cities are also being built by Saudi Arabia. All this is due to his shift from an oil-based economy to a new technology-based economy. The same Islamic traditions of Saudi Arabia are being applied in Turkey. The Turkish President believes that the Ottoman Empire is due to be represented. However, the talk of the Turkish President seems pretentious. And doing all this for power only.

Recently, Turkey converted the 400-year-old museum back into a mosque. And here, questions were raised about Turkey being a Liberal country. However, 90% of the people there do not agree with the President of Turkey. And they may have to bear this loss in the coming election.

America is struggling with its own problems

At the same time, America also has its own problems. America and China are finding it difficult to stop. In recent days, the Chinese Embassy was closed. America said in this case that American spying takes place from here. It is to see what action China takes in the coming times.

At the same time, the world is moving away from American leadership towards independence. At the same time, China is also constantly challenging the American leadership. America has its own internal problems. In which the black movement has emerged as a major problem. China wants to take advantage of this and lead the world, but the problem with China is that it is not able to maintain the belief that the world will be united under its leadership.

At the same time, China also has its own internal problems. There Chinese President Xi Jinping is constantly being challenged by the local public. There Si Jinping still remains the ruler by suppressing the public. But there may be a coup there in due course.

At the same time, the second problem of China is that the whole world is still focused on it. And the whole world is putting pressure on China that the whole world, which considered itself responsible for the corona virus, is alleging that China hid information about the corona virus from the whole world. The US has been accusing China of spreading the Corona virus on its own. And for this reason, millions of people have died all over the world. In such a situation, new challenges have arisen in front of China.

At the same time, China’s internal banking system also seems to be failing. And in the media, there are reports of banks constantly running away. In such a situation, the challenges before China are also not less.

Europe is in trouble

The whole of Europe is worried because of the ever-increasing influence of China. The United States will tell you for information, the responsibility of the security of the entire Europe is that of America. And at the same time the whole of Europe is included in NATO.

If America’s leadership capacity is affected, then Europe is trying to do this to save America.

At the same time, the US is completely focusing on how to reduce the influence of China. And how to stop China.

Global institutions are facing challenges

The credibility of global institutions is also constantly under question. People are questioning the World Health Organization after coronavirus. At the same time, America has separated itself from the World Health Organization.

The US is accusing China of hijacking the World Health Organization. China is accused of giving less money to the World Health Organization, but the health organization has become a puppet of China.

At the same time, uno or any other institution still faces a crisis of credibility and balance. On the other hand, many such countries have emerged which are not ready to follow the global laws. The biggest name is from China.


South China is unwilling to obey global laws in the sea. And wants to establish its control over the entire South China Sea. So that China can establish its control over the trade of the whole world.

However, the US continues to oppose China. And is besieging China. In such a situation, a situation of war has arisen between the two countries. Neither China is ready to back down. Nor america.

At the same time, China has started asserting its rights on its neighboring countries Japan Vietnam and some islands of Indonesia. Earlier, the dispute between India and China has been going on for a long time. China is not ready to withdraw from the border line that is part of India. It remains a constant stalemate between the two countries.



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