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Terrorist attack in France,a teacher killed by knife

There has been a terrorist attack in France. A teacher was beheaded there. Anger is being expressed all over France. However, the name of the terrorist has not been revealed yet. But France’s President Imael Macron and the foreign minister described it as an attack on France.

French President Email Metro has said that radical terrorism is a threat not only to France but to the whole world. French police have shot this terrorist, after which he died.

It is being told that a magazine named Charlie Abdo showed the objectionable content of Prophet Mohammad to the students in his class. After this, they have been attacked by this terrorist. For information, let us know that France currently has a population of 60,000 Muslims.

The attack happened around 5:00 pm in the evening of France. An investigation into this attack is now being carried out by the Anti-Terrorism Unit in France.

French Foreign Minister Blanker Karr has said that the attack is not just an attack on the teacher. Rather it is an attack on France. He said that our condolences are with the teacher family. The Education Minister has tweeted that the answer to Islamic terrorism can be given only and only with unity. The President of France has visited the site of the attack. And a center will be built there.

The Parliament of France has called it a barbaric attack. As well as a symbolic tribute to the deceased teacher.

What did the French police say about the attack

The French police have been told about the terrorist attack by an attacker who brought a large knife. He attacked the teacher and his neck was cut off. However, later the terrorist escaped again. But the local police was alerted.

The terrorist was later asked to surrender. But he did not do so. After this, the French police shot him. After which he died. The hamlet’s place has been sealed. And it has been said from the French police not to come to this place. For this, the French police has also tweeted.



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