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Terms before Rafale fighter jet deal were changed, CAG

According to a report tabled in Parliament by the CAG, the terms and conditions related to the first defense deals indigenous to the Rafale fighter aircraft were changed. Under the changes in these defense deals, it was no longer mandatory to declare an offset partner.

The CAG has reported in its report in Parliament that the changes were made before the Rafale aircraft deal. At the time, a deal was signed to buy 36 Rafale aircraft from the French company in India. According to the report, this change was made in 2015. And this change came into effect from April 1, 2016.

As part of this change, the need to disclose offset partner defense procurement before Sodi has been done away with. That is, which company will be declared as an offset partner in India by the foreign company. Its imperative is no longer there. Kag said in its report that the offset partner’s commitment should have been fulfilled this year. And its report should have been with the Ministry which is not there.

Now here the question arises whether the scam can be proved in the Rafale aircraft deal on the basis of this report. If we see from above, no scam can be proved in this. Because the changes were made according to the rules, but it clearly shows that this is a straightforward example of a chronocapital.



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