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Tandava Web Series Review

A new web series has been released on Amazon Prime Video. The name of the web series is Tandava. The audience of this web series was eagerly waiting. In the Tandava web series, you are shown Indian politics and the dirty politics behind it. However, the director has failed to take the story to Climax.

If you are looking for the Tandava web series to reach the climax, let me tell you in advance, the Tandava climax has been abandoned for season 2. The first season has passed under the introduction of Tandava’s cast. In such a situation, if you want real fun, then you will have to wait till season two of Tandava.

If you are watching Tandava web series after watching Patal Lok web series, then you will feel disappointed. Tandava web series has not been found around Hades. After the Sacred Games, there were high expectations from Saif Ali Khan. His character has been made strong. But still they disappoint.




Ali Abbas Zafar

Tandav Web Series Story

Talking about the story of Tandava web series, the whole story is around the Prime Minister’s chair. There are also some characters in the same Tandava web series who make their special contribution in making the story complete. Especially Sunil Grover. Sunil Grover emerges as such pawns of politics who keep on working to bring safe Ali Khan i.e. Samar to the Prime Minister’s chair. The same character of Gauhar Khan is also strong. Jo Gohar Khan will give you a good character at the beginning of the web series. Later the same Gauhar Khan is also going to prove to be the turning point of the whole story. The same Dimple Kapadia has also acted very well. If we talk about the conclave of the whole story, then who is going to be the next Prime Minister of our country? This is shown in the Tandava web series and you will know only after watching the Tandava web series how much straggle and tricks have to be done to become Prime Minister.

How is the tandav web series

If we talk about the first season of Tandava web series, then 9 episodes have been spent in the introduction of all the actors. If you are sitting all night watching the Tandava web series. And you have wasted about 6 hours, so you are not going to get anything in it. If you are watching this web series for climax then do not make such mistake at all. The climax of the Tandava web series has been abandoned for season 2. It seems that the director’s full focus was not to open Climax in the first season of Tandava in any way.

Another part is shown in the same Tandava web series. Where Zeeshan Ayub appears. The Tandava web series also featured college politics. Shown how college politics is also used by politicians for their own benefit. Friends who together form a party. Later, the Polytians make them fight among themselves. Also how are their names attached to terrorist organizations and later how do political leaders use student leaders for their own benefit? It is quite interesting to see. I liked the college politics part more than the main story. Which is shown in the Tandava web series.

Joe Zeeshan Job initially appears to you as a student leader. How does he make up the story’s climax with Gauhar Khan? It is also interesting to see. However, to watch the entire climax, you have to wait for season 2 of the Tandav web series.



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