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Special astronomical event lunar eclipse superman and red moon event will be scene together on May 26

The supermoon will be seen on 26th May. On this day, the moon will be 26% larger than the normal days. The US space agency NASA has also given information of this incident via Twitter.

This time the supermoon is going to be special from all the previous supermoon. Along with the supermoon event, other astronomical events are also going to happen this time. Along with the supermoon, the moon will look red. For this, it has also been called Red Blood Moon. There will also be a lunar eclipse on 26 May as well. Scientists are calling this event a lunar event.

What is super moon

Now here we try to understand what a supermoon is all about? When the Moon comes closer to the Earth, its size is seen to be 12% more than before. In normal days the distance between the Moon and Earth is about 463000 kilometers. But at the time of supermoon event, the distance of Moon and Earth decreases to 356700 km. For this reason, we can see the Moon increased 12% more than the Earth. For this reason this phenomenon is called supermoon.

But the thing to think now is how and why does the moon finally come close to the earth? Actually, the moon does not rotate around the earth, but it rotates in an oval form. In such a situation, both of them are sure to come close. On this day, the moon is also seen to be brighter.

What is a lunar eclipse?


The lunar eclipse is also due to coincide with the supermoon event this time on 26 May. In such a situation, we try to understand why the lunar eclipse finally occurs. And how does this happen?

When the Sun Earth and Moon come in a straight line. And if the Earth completely or partially covers the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. This is due to the arrival of the Earth between the Sun and the Moon.

The Moon is tilted 5 degrees on its axis. But it happens twice a year. When the Sun, Earth and Moon come in one direction and in a straight line, it is called a full lunar eclipse.

Blood moon

Red moon
Red moon
Red moon

Now here we try to understand why the phenomenon of blood moon occurs and how it happens? During a full lunar eclipse, the sun’s light falls on the moon as it passes through the dusty environment of the Earth. Sunlight has the ability to disperse the blue color the least and the red color the most. Due to this, red rays are seen falling on the moon. For this reason, we see the Moon as red and this phenomenon is called Red Moon.

Which countries will see the full lunar eclipse

Now you know that if you want to see this full lunar eclipse, then in which countries should you live at that time? This time the lunar eclipse will be seen around the middle line of the Pacific Ocean. Australia will see the lunar eclipse on the eastern edge of Asia and half of East America. However, this lunar eclipse will be seen in East America shortly. After this, you will not be able to see the lunar eclipse there.



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