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Scientists claim that our galaxy is constantly shrinking and falling apart

Scientists have claimed in a new study for our galaxy that many of our galaxies are constantly crumbling and shrinking before scientists believed that our galaxy is more stable than other galaxies. But now a new study has been done in this study. According to us, our galaxy is constantly breaking and so is the mood.

The breakdown rate of our galaxy is very fast. Our galaxy breaks 115000 kilometers per 1 hour. That is, every 1 second our galaxy becomes 32 kilometers smaller. Which is a concern for scientists.

Why our galaxy is collapsing?

Scientists have done a new research about our galaxy. And the results of this research are shocking. Scientists say that other galaxies located at both the ends of our galaxy are attracting our galaxy towards them by the force of gravity. Due to the effect of this gravitational force, our galaxy is continuously crumbling. At the same time our galaxy has been in mood.

According to the news published till date, our galaxy has been in mood and breaking due to the gravitational force of the large magellanic cloud in the galaxy lords located on either side of the Milky Way. This has been revealed in a new discovery by Edinburgh University.

What will happen after this new discovery of our galaxy

After the new discovery by Edinburgh University about our galaxy, another problem has arisen for scientists. Our scientists still believed that our Milky Way is more stable than other Milky Way galaxies. But now scientists have to create new concepts. At the same time, scientists will have to develop new models of the galaxy.

Now scientists will get a chance to think again about our Galaxy. How did our galaxy originate? New theories about this can be presented by scientists.

This report about our galaxy has been made by the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Edinburgh University’s report has been published in Nature Astronomy.

This report claimed that our galaxy is constantly changing its shape. This is all due to the gravitational effect read by the other two galaxies on our galaxy. What effect will this change of the sky have on our solar system? Nothing can be said about it right now.



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