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Riya Chakraborty Drugs Case, Declining National Media Credibility

Riya Chakraborty Drugs Case has once again questioned the credibility of national media channels. Some media groups were showing Riya Chakraborty as if he was running a big drugs racket in the country. Due to which the security of the nation has also been endangered, but everything has been proved false in the Mumbai High Court today. In such a situation, how much credibility of the national media is left is also a big question.

Let us tell you for information that today the Bombay High Court has granted bail to Riya Chakraborty. In this, the Mumbai High Court has said that Riya Chakraborty was not associated with any drugs racket. And no criminal case is made on them. At the same time, the Mumbai High Court said that he also has no previous criminal record. In such a situation, they can be given bail.

Riya Chakraborty Drugs Case Reversed By National Media Claims

Riya Chakraborty was shown by the national media in such a way that national security was lost due to him. Or it is constantly threatening national security. National media alleged that Riya Chakraborty is running a drugs racket in the country. But it all turned out to be a lie.

If you read the Bombay High Court judgment, it said that Riya Chakraborty was not involved in any drugs racket. At the same time, the Bombay High Court stated that he also has no previous criminal record. Such media can be given bail to Chakraborty. But if you pick up old videos of national media channels, in which Riya Chakraborty has been talked about, then you will see the biggest villain in the country.

Nowadays there is no shortage of such cases. Where media channels want to make profits by making a sentiment. In the same way, Tablighi Jamaat was also shown that due to them, Corona cases have increased in the country. Later this claim of media channels turned out to be a lie. In this case also the court clearly stated that a propaganda was run by the national media. And a particular religion was targeted.

Why national media’s credibility is ending

It is not that only the Riya Chakravarty case has raised questions about the credibility of the national media. Or the first time questions have been raised on the credibility of the national media. But these days serious allegations are being made on the national media. And his objectivity is being viewed with suspicion.

People are alleging that the national media is now making a sentiment. And spoiling religious harmony in the country. Some media groups are still doing a good job though. And constantly trying to be fair.

Nowadays, many such national media channels have opened. Which only news based on one religion keep you serving all day. They continue to call a religion special and a religion absolutely useless. This had never happened before. Which is nowadays seen through the national media.

Recently, the Supreme Court closed a program of Sudarshan News. In which it was alleged that Muslim youth are passing the IAS examination so that they can pursue their religious agenda. The Supreme Court said that nowadays media channels have become more toxic. Special religions are constantly targeted. Which is not true at all.

Media group owners joining government

Recently another trend has been seen that which is also a big media group. They are joining the government. How can you believe in them? This is a great question. Recently the owner of a large media group has become a member of the government in the Rajya Sabha.

In such a situation, the person sitting in the Rajya Sabha on behalf of the government in an official manner. How can you expect him to make any comments against the government?

Fair national channels are being targeted

Sometimes on the basis of religion or sometimes on the basis of news which are left unbiased national channels. They are also being attacked. And they are being targeted. This had never happened in the history of media before. Which is happening nowadays. Taking advantage of people’s sentiments wrongly has become a trend nowadays. And the people of the country are being fooled in the name of patriotism. Poison is being filled in his heart only and only, which cannot be said at all for the future of the country.

Real issues are missing on national news channels

If you look at Riya Chakraborty case, one thing will be known that news channels are doing this for their profit. But what is the matter! Actually media groups also do not want to speak against the government. And there are big demonstrations happening in the country. Today, they have no place on news channels.

Recently new agrarian reform laws have been passed. And farmers across the country are protesting against it. But you will not see any news or debate related to the issue of farmers on TV channels. At the same time there are protests all over the country on privatization as well. But there is no place for all these issues on national news channels. In such a situation, you can guess how much national news channels have lost their way.

Now it seems that all the problems have been solved in a country like ours. And there is no problem in the country. The only task of national news channels nowadays is to incite religious hysteria and earn profits.



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