Green hydrogen

Research on green hydrogen is going on in Saudi Arabia and the world

The whole world is currently struggling with the problem of changes in the environment. Experts see the only solution as green hydrogen. Many countries have now started adopting green hydrogen as a fuel.

It is said about the green house drogon that it is completely environmentally friendly. It has 0% carbon emission. Because of this, research is going on all over the world about green hydrogen. And people are calling it the fuel of the future.

Experts believe that if we manage to fully adopt green hydrogen, the changes in the environment can be stopped. At the same time, the whole world can be made carbon neutral. The process of development of green hydrogen is going on in all countries including European country Saudi Arabia, America. However, it is still going to take a long time to fully adopt green hydrogen.

Saudi Arabia wants to become largest exporter of green hydrogen after oil

Saudi Arabia has now come to know that the coming time is of green hydrogen. Saudi Arabia has already started preparations for this. At present, Saudi Arabia is among the world’s largest oil exporting countries. But now Saudi Arabia wants to join the world’s largest green hydrogen exporting countries. However, no country is currently exporting or importing green hydrogen. But whenever green hydrogen imports are exported, Saudi Arabia wants to be at the forefront. And Saudi Arabia has started preparations for this.

Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s most modern city of Neom. The biggest feature of this city is the way to meet its energy needs. Saudi Arabia wants the city of Niyom to be completely carbon neutral. For this, Saudi Arabia has decided to adopt green hydrogen. All the needs of the city of Neom will be met on the basis of green hydrogen.

Saudi Arabia will resort to water to acquire green hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen present in water will be separated. Saudi Arabia will receive energy from renewable energy sources during the separation of hydrogen and oxygen. In this way, Saudi Arabia is preparing to make Neom city completely carbon neutral.

US company Air Products and Chemicals has been setting up a plant in Neom city for 4 years. Which is of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen will be produced from this plant. The plant will run with 4 GW of energy from solar and wind power.

It is being claimed that this will be the largest green hydrogen project. Saudi Arabia is preparing to set up more such green hydrogen plants.

Other countries are also moving forward to manufacture green hydrogen

It is true that Saudi Arabia is moving at the fastest pace to manufacture green hydrogen. But it is not that other countries are not producing green hydrogen. Countries like America, Europe, Japan are also making continuous efforts to manufacture green hydrogen. And spending the budget for this.

Many private companies and environmentalists of the world believe that with hydrogen fuel we can save the environment and the earth from getting hotter.

Rachel Fakhri, an energy expert at the New York non-profit organization Natural Resources Defense Council, sees high hopes for this. Experts like Fakri say that wind energy and solar power can meet the energy needs of households. Apart from this, the work of traffic can also be done by solar energy and wind energy. Whereas green hydrogen can be used in industries where there are high energy requirements.

Green hydrogen can prove to be a boon for Europe’s economy

Europe’s economy is currently reeling under high energy prices. Natural gas is imported from Russia to meet energy requirements in Europe. Financial incentives are being given to Europe i hydrolysis plant and other green hydrogen infrastructure.

Germany has given the largest part of the Clean Energy Financial Fund to green hydrogen fuel.

The European Union says about green hydrogen fuel that it will solve the puzzle of a carbon-free economy in its entirety. Green hydrogen fuel has been discussed for many decades but its technology was not ready.

There are many problems in adopting green hydrogen fuel

Those who have been critical of green hydrogen fuel say that there are still many difficulties in adopting green hydrogen fuel. Experts say that huge quantities of renewable energy sources are produced to produce green hydrogen. Will require electricity.

To run hydrolysis plants that break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, large quantities of renewable energy generating plants have to be expanded. Currently the most prevalent way to produce hydrogen is to separate hydrogen from natural gas. Without the pip line Storing and transporting hydrogen is much more difficult.

In the UK, Bloomberg New Energy Finance expert Michael Lebrich is apprehensive about green hydrogen. He is concerned with the flaws present in green hydrogen technology. They say that green hydrogen is not found naturally. Librique states that the storage of green hydrogen requires 700 times more pressure than the atmosphere pressure. Green hydrogen is kept at minus 253 ° C to be kept in liquid form. Hydrogen I is one-fourth of the energy present in natural gas. Smaller holes can also cause green hydrogen to leak. In fact, green hydrogen is an explosive substance. Experts say that green hydrogen is so new that its future cannot be decided yet.

Green hydrogen has immense potential

Proponents of green hydrogen see immense potential in this. Which cannot be ignored. If green hydrogen is prepared from renewable energy sources, it will be completely carbon free.

Many countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia and many companies are adopting this green fuel. America is currently lagging behind in the case of green hydrogen. Because natural gas is very cheap. Nevertheless many projects are being prepared there. Utaha is becoming a green hydrogen power house. Which will replace two coal fired power houses. A green hydrogen plant has opened near Fukushima in Japan.

European countries are investing in green hydrogen to get rid of carbon. The European Union has recently formulated a major strategy for the expansion of green hydrogen fuel, although it is not yet approved.

Green hydrogen can be used as jet fuel

Saudi Arabia where it reads a lot of sunlight during the day and winds blow very fast at night. It is much more difficult to defeat. Green hydrogen has a density of 3 times higher than jet fuel. If green hydrogen is used as jet fuel it will be 100% carbon free.

European aircraft manufacturer Air Bus believes that the use of hydrogen as a jet fuel requires solutions to many problems. Safe Storage of Hydrogen There are many problems that need to be resolved, such as building infrastructure for hydrogen fuel at the airport.

The use of green hydrogen has started in many countries of the world

Green hydrogen has started to be used as fuel in many countries of the world. Green hydrogen has been identified to drive the means of transport. Trains in the UK are run by double decker buses and trains are currently running with green hydrogen. Which is attracting people’s attention.

Small green hydrogen systems to deliver electricity to homes are also being discussed. The University of New South Wales in Australia has joined hands with global engineering company GHD to make green hydrogen fuel used in homes. They have built a green hydrogen plant called Lavo. This plant uses solar energy to produce green hydrogen.


Is green hydrogen a greenhouse gas?

no green how hydrogen is a hundred percent carbon free and eco-friendly fuel

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is actually hydrogen gas. Which can be used to meet fuel requirements.

How to produce green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is formed by separating hydrogen and oxygen from water. Hydrolysis plants are built to produce green hydrogen.

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