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Paytm mini app store Not really an app store?

Paytm has recently announced that it will bring its own mini store in place of Google Play Store. Paytm said that Google takes advantage of its monopoly in India. And Indian startups remove apps from their Google Play store whenever they want. And in response to this, we have brought the Paytm Mini App Store. But is this Paytm app store really an app store? Big questions are also arising on this too?

Recently, Google removed the Paytm app from the Google Play Store. It was said from Google that activities related to gambling are going on the Paytm app. Which is a direct violation of Google’s policy. In response, paytm said that Google is taking advantage of its monopoly in India. And India should have its own apps store. After which Paytm launched its mini app store. But does it really work like an App Store? This is a great question.

In response, Paytm gave big advertisements in newspapers in India and claimed that it has launched its mini apps store. Where developers can get their app listed. Paytm also said in its advertisement that now you will not have to pay 30% fee here like Google. At the same time, Paytm said that if you launch your mini store inside our app, then you will also get free transaction facility from Paytm. You do not have to pay any separate charge for this. If there is a payment from another payment mod on your mini app, then 2% will be charged for it. Which is much less than the Google Play store.

Actually Paytm allows to access the website within its app itself. Which includes websites like Uber Ola MacDonald. But there really is no app. This is a website only. Which opens inside the Paytm app. This feature given by Paytm is already in place. Yes, its advertisement has now been given in newspapers. So that the anti Google Mindset in India can be exploited. It works in the same way that you book a ticket by opening a website in a browser. Or do some recharge.

But if you removed your app from Google Play store and launched your app in mini app store here, then you will lose your personal app. Which will prove to be a big loss for your business. Also, this mini app store launched by Paytm is already present on its rivals Phone and Google Pay. Phone Pay first launched the Mini App Store. In such a situation it is something new. It is wrong to say. But yes it will definitely benefit Paytm. The number of users will increase here. And traffic will increase. But this will benefit your business. This is also not completely correct!



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