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Movie Review of Khuda Hafiz

Khuda Hafiz Movie has been released on Hotstar. Apart from Khuda Hafiz Movie, 6 more movies will be released on Hotstar. Which was earlier to be released in the cinema hall. But now it will be released directly on Hotstar.

Khuda Hafiz Movie stars Vidyut Jamwal in the lead role. Vidyut Jamwal’s opposite will see you as Sevlekha Oberoi. The character of Vidyut Jamwal is named Sameer. While the character of Shiva Lekha is named Nargis. Darshan of this film will get you on Hotstar.

What is the story of Khuda Hafiz Movie?

Khuda Hafiz

In Khuda Hafiz Movie, Sameer and Nargis will see two couples. Who hail from Lucknow. Those who get married. And both are spending their lives laughing happily.

Only then in 2008 the recession engulfs the country. And unemployment sweeps across the country. In the same Great Depression, Nargis and Sameer also lose their jobs. And both of them decide to go abroad for a job.

Nargis first decides to go abroad. But when Nargis reaches abroad, she is kidnapped by another person. And Nargis is forced into the business of prostitution.

This is where the story takes a twist. And Vidyut Jamwal who plays Sameer. Nargis decides to go abroad to find her. And will Nargis be able to find the electric jamwal and bring it back? Or will Nargis be killed abroad? It is interesting to see.

Acting of Vidyut Jamwal and Sewalekha Obroya

Both Vidyut Jamwal and Sewalekha Oberoi have disappointed the audience in Khuda Hafiz. In the Khuda Hafiz movie, both of them have not spoken a single dialogue that can be remembered.

Talking about the music of Khuda Hafiz Movie, there is not a single song that you can remember for a long time. Most of the songs of Khuda Hafiz Movie are workable.

If you are mistaking to think of Khuda Hafiz Movie as a thriller love romantic film. So don’t You will get to see only a few scenes in the name of action. Whatever electrical jamwal will not be seen doing.

In such a situation, you can say that Khuda Hafiz Movie is an average love story. While Anu Kapoor plays an important character in the movie Hafiz, where he tries to save the hero and heroine. Annu Kapoor’s acting can definitely impress you.

Another bad thing in the Khuda Hafiz movie is that there is not a single character that can be remembered for a long time.

I would like to give two and a half stars out of five to Khuda Hafiz Movie. Most of the movie is completely predictable. And you must have seen such stories thousands of times in Bollywood.



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