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Modi government’s second digital strike ban 47 Chinese app

The Modi government has once again attacked the Chinese government. It is under this that the Modi government has decided to ban 47 Chinese apps for violation of privacy policy. Most of these include mobile apps, which belong to the Chinese cloud computing company Alibaba.

Sources in India Today Network reported that these 47 mobile apps were violating the privacy policy.

47 mobile apps have been banned

Mobile apps ban in India
mobile apps ban in India

47 mobile apps which have been banned by Modi government. He was present on Google Play Store and iOS Store.

However, no notification has been issued by the government on this. Nor has there been any official statement from the government yet. But official sources of India Today Network say that the Modi government has taken this decision.

The 47 Chinese mobile apps that have been banned are accused that this app was sharing the information of the Modi government with the Chinese government agencies. And this threatened the national security of the country.

PUBG mobile game is also included

According to the news of India Today Network, pubji mobile game is the biggest name in these apps. To tell you for information, Pabji has more than 100 million active users in the country. And for Pubzi, India is one of the largest markets in the world.

At the same time, according to the official figures of PUBG Mobile, India has the largest number of pubic users in the world. In such a situation, it is both a threat and a setback for the PUBG mobile game. According to the same India Today sources, it includes other mobile games which are related to the Chinese government and China.

Recently there was news that PUBG Mobile wants to expand in India. And he is going to make a big investment in India soon. But now after this news, PUBG Mobile has received a shock. Let us know for you that PUBG Mobile Game is run by Chinese company Tencent.

250 other apps can also be banned

The Modi government is yet to ban more Chinese apps. Who are violating the privacy policy. And the country’s data are not being saved in the country. 250 such apps are on the radar of the Modi government. Those that can be banned. There are reports that the Modi government is going to take a decision soon.

Clone apps have also been banned

China’s mobile apps that have been banned were mostly clones of the earlier Tik Tok and those other apps. Which was banned. In such a situation, the Modi government has banned these apps as a threat to national security.

In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which of the 250 apps the Modi government prohibits. Earlier, the Modi government had taken a big decision and banned UC Browser, India’s largest browser. The UC browser was accused of carrying out activities against the country. And running propaganda against the country.

It is reported that the clone app of Chinese mobile app likee has also been banned. Aeon’s clone aap was included in the trending list on the Google Play Store.



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