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Mirzapur season 2 trailer released, this time fun will twice

The trailer of Mirzapur Season 2 has been released. This time you will enjoy double the show. This time Golu means that Shweta Tripathi will be seen taking revenge. At the same time Munna Bhaiya will also be seen in a new avatar this time and he will be seen as the King of Mirzapur in Season Two, while Pankaj Tripathi i.e. Kaalin Bhaiya is also going to be seen in a strong role. This time you will see more bloodshed in Mirzapur Season 2.

The trailer of Mirzapur season 2 shows how Golu i.e. Shweta Tripathi is seen taking revenge. You will also see Ali Fazal with him. At the same time, you can also be seen in Mirzapur Season to Make Strong Role of the carpet brother. He did not have a special role in Mirzapur Season One.

Simultaneously, Mirzapur season two is also seen going to Bihar this time. And the political parties there are also shown. In such a situation, Munna Bhaiya will enter Mirzapur Season Two in the politics of Bihar. In such a situation, what will be the new era? It will be interesting to see. The most fun in Mirzapur season 2 is going to be in the fights between Golu and Munna Bhaiya. Along with this, you will also see a strong role of Ali Fazal in Mirzapur Season Two. For the information, let us know that the release trailer of Mirzapur Season 2 has been released today. Mirzapur Season 2 is going to be released on October 23 on Amazon Prime Video. In such a situation, just wait a bit and Mirzapur Season Two will be in front of you.

mirzapur season 2 trailer watch here



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