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Karan Johar give statement about Sushant Singh Rajput’s drugs case

In the Sushant Singh case, now Karan Johar’s statement about drugs has come up. In which he has categorically denied that he consumes drugs. Karan Johar said in his statement that some media reports are saying that I consume drugs. Or do I promote drugs. But this is a sheer lie.

Karan Johar said that you should not report the way that I promote drugs or that drugs were used in my party. Actually, a video of a party came out in 2019. In which the actor actress was seen drunk. Regarding this, Karan Johar said that I had cleared only in 2019 that no drugs have been consumed in my party. Nor do I promote drugs. However, looking at the current conditions, I want to clear once again that I have nothing to do with the matter of drugs.

Dharma Productions Karan Johar said that Dharma Productions is facing hatred due to false media reports. From Dharma Productions to my family and people close to me are also being affected.

Karan Johar, who was arrested in connection with the drugs case of employees associated with Dharma Production, said, “I don’t know what they used to do in their personal lives.” And whether or not he used drugs. I did not know him personally. We were professionally connected.

For the information, let us know that Chitij related to Karan Johar’s Dharma Production has been arrested by NCB. Both have been arrested in the drugs case.

Karan Johar told Kshitij and Ravi Prasad that he joined Dharma Productions in November 2011 as an assistant director. And later he was hired as an executive producer for a short film. But after this he has never worked for the company.

Karan Johar can take action against media

Karan Johar said that false news is being spread by the media on the basis of estimates. If the media does not stop all this then I will have no other way than to resort to the law. Karan Johar said that I hope that the media will exercise restraint in this matter and our respect will remain intact. And if the media does not do this, then I will have no other way but to resort to the law.



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