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JBL best lightweight headphone under 3000 with Mike and deep bass

Whenever we talk about headphones, the best headphones in the world come from JBL. JBL is among the top companies in the world in making headphones and speakers.

Today we will talk about the JBL headphones coming around 3000. The main feature of this headphone is its sound quality as well as its lightweight, which is an X factor that makes it different from other headphones. Which gives the user a different experience.

These headphones of JBL are available on Amazon for Rs 2999. Also, an additional discount of ₹ 500 is being offered on Amazon. Apart from this, you are also being offered a cashback of up to 5% on using debit and credit cards.

JBL headphone sound quality

The biggest feature of this JBL headphones is the sound quality. You get to see these headphones in deep base JBL. By the way, you get strong quality in every JBL headphone. But in these headphones, apart from the deep base, you also get smooth sound quality. Which you hardly see in any other headphones? By the way, with every JBL headphone you get excellent sound quality.

Bluetooth connectivity with JBL headphones

With JBL headphones you get Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you get to see these headphones wirelessly. Which is a very cool feature.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, you also get a mic. In such a situation, if you have to do any video or audio recording, then you can record very good quality audio with these headphones of JBL. Which is an additional feature of this. If you want to create a video or audio blog then these headphones can be great for you.

Whenever we see a mic for audio or video recording it is about 4 to ₹ 5000. But in jbl key headphones you get this feature inbuilt. This means that you do not need to spend money for the mic separately.

JBL headphone battery life

Now if we talk about the battery life of these head phones of JBL, then it is much longer. If you fully charge these headphones of JBL, then you get 11 hours long battery backup. Which is quite fantastic.

Also along with JBL headphones comes a cable to charge you. In this case, if you already have an adapter, you do not need to bring any additional adapters.

Another great feature comes in these JBL headphones that make your work even easier. If you are listening to songs from these JBL headphones then you are given different buttons. By pressing these buttons you can reduce the volume of the music. Apart from this, if you want to change a song, you can do it with the help of these buttons. Apart from this, you can also answer the call with JBL headphones. You’ll find these on JBL’s headphones on Amazon. You can buy these JBL headphones from Amazon by clicking on the link given below.



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