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Is OTT in danger, future of cinema hall?

Is the future of cinema hall in danger due to OTT? Today, this biggest question has arisen regarding the cinema hall. Cinema halls have been shut around the world ever since people were put down due to corona virus. The OTT platform is progressing double by day and quadrupling by night. The speed of OTT platforms is even greater due to corona virus. So, should we assume that cinema halls will be completely destroyed in future? The answer may or may not be yes.

There are a lot of reasons that are telling us that cinema halls may be finished in the future. The same reason is that cinema halls will continue to be effective in future too. And will keep people entertained. But what is the reality in the midst of all this?

The OTT platform is an online on-demand video platform. You have to subscribe once on the OTT platform. After that you can watch the video for 1 month or 1 year without any interruption. It depends on your subscription. Whereas if you want to watch a movie in the cinema hall, for this you have to pay a separate charge for each movie. At the same time, you also have to go from the house to the cinema hall. A lot of time is wasted in it and this thought has hung the future of cinema hall in balance.

Due to the same corona virus, the future of the cinema hall is seen reading even more at risk. All the movies that were due to be released in the cinema hall due to Corona virus are now being released directly on the OTP platform Amazon Netflix a l t balaji and G5.

In such a situation, will the OTT platforms replace the cinema hall. This has emerged as the biggest question today.

Increasing speed and number of video viewers on TT platform


If we talk about the future of OTT platforms, the number of people watching videos on the OTT platform is continuously increasing. The cinema halls are closed in the middle of all this.

Subscriptions to OTT platforms are growing at a faster pace than 25% per annum. And it is expected to be faster in future. In such a situation, the future of OTT platforms is bright.

There is no censorship of any kind in web series and films released on the OTT platform. In such a situation, the filmmaker gets the right to express his feelings. And get a full chance. The biggest feature of the same OTT platform is that all these OTT platforms are giving more opportunity to realistic cinema. Due to this, people are also able to feel connected with OTT platforms. While all this was not possible in the cinema hall. The right cancer completes censorship.

Expensive cinema hall tickets

If we also talk about a metro city in India, then you may have to spend up to ₹ 400 to watch a movie. On the other hand, if you talk about a city like Mumbai, then you can spend 800 to ₹ 900 to watch a movie. Talking about the same OTT platform, you get 1 year subscription for ₹ 1000. During this time, you can watch as many movies as you want. In such a situation, OTT platforms are economically cheap as well. That are attracting people. They also have lower rates due to competition in the same OTT platform. Talking about the most expensive platform in the OTT platform, it is Netflix. On Netflix you have to spend around ₹ 700 for 1 month.

Another biggest problem with the cinema hall is that it is not accessible to everyone. While the OTT platform is accessible to almost everyone. As well as being economical, every person can also afford. You have your smartphone in your pocket, meaning the OTT platform is in your pocket. Whereas if you have to go to the cinema hall, you will either have to take leave or you will have to wait for the holiday.

Problem with big budget movies

It is not that only OTT platforms are going to run in future. There are many reasons why cinema halls will continue to operate in future. The biggest reason among these is that big budget films OTT platforms in India still avoid buying big budget films. However web series like sacred games are now being shown on the OTT platform. Whose making is much more expensive. It is estimated that for the second lesson of the Sacred Games, Rs 10 crore was spent on each episode.

But still the fees of big stars like Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are more than the total cost of Sacred Games. Talking about Aamir Khan, Aamir Khan charges around Rs 140 crore for each film. Or big stars also do profit sharing. And there is no profit sharing on the OTT platform. And it is also difficult to decide, due to which web series, how many subscribers are large. Or how much the OTT platform has earned.

As such, big stars are still not directly connected to the OTT platform. Although his films are definitely coming on the TT platform. But no big stars have done a web series yet. Which includes Salman Khan Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

At the same time, the box office can give a big film by earning. OTT platforms still cannot earn that much today. Here we will take the example of Bahubali. Bahubali grossed ₹ 1500000000 worldwide. Whereas no film so expensive has sold on OTT platform till date. Also, low-budget films have also earned more than crores of rupees. These cost from ₹ 25 to ₹ 30 crores. In this case, the film with 25 crores to ₹ 30 crores only comes from 50 to ₹ 55 crores on the OTT platform.

We can understand this example from the success of Stree film here, the cost of Stree film was only ₹ 25 crores. While the woman had earned more than 150 crores rupees. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see who emerges as the winner in this battle between OTT platform and cinema hall.

It has become easier for small filmmakers

It was generally seen that the films of small filmmakers could not be released on the big screen. Or if it was released, they would get very little screen. Due to this, small filmmakers had to face huge losses during the release of their films. But now it is not so.

If a small filmmaker is also making a good film, he too gets a good price on the OTT platform. At the same time people are also watching him.

Talking about the same talented actor actress, there are many opportunities on the OTT platform for this. For example Shweta Tripathi. Despite being talented in Shweta Tripathi, she did not get any major films. For the information, let us know that Shweta Tripathi started her career with the film Masaan. But despite being such a brilliant film, he did not find a place in Bollywood. Later, by doing a web series like Mirzapur, he told how much talent is there in him. Along with this, Shweta Tripathi has been seen in many other web series. Apart from this, there is a lot of talent which is seen on free platforms like. We do not see that talent in Bollywood. As such, the free platform has opened all the hard working doors. At least it has become easier for them now. The OTT platform doors open for you as soon as you get recognition on YouTube or you get recognition on Instagram. In such a situation, the OTP platform has also helped in bringing out new talent. In such a situation, now the trouble is over for you whether your content will be seen or not. If you have content then it will definitely sell. No matter what. Nowadays, we are getting good content on free platform like YouTube.



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