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Is nepotism only in Bollywood and what is the solution?

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, it is now discussed that there is nepotism in Bollywood. And only those people whose parents are already established in Bollywood get a chance in Bollywood. But is nepotism only in Bollywood? And if so, what is the solution? And what are the areas where nepotism exists?

If you look around or around you, nepotism will be found everywhere. Somewhere as small or as big as me. Let me explain you by giving an example here. Suppose you have a big school, then you would like to have a generation to handle it. So this also became a kind of nepotism again. If you look at the example of politics, then there are examples of nepotism that will not be found anywhere else in the world. Nepotism is a problem that has no long-term solution.

Nepotism in Bollywood

Nowadays it is discussed that nepotism exists in Bollywood. This may be true to some extent. But don’t you want your family or your future generations to move forward. And work in the area you already do. Then Bollywood too is no exception to this.

If you look carefully, a large number of actor actresses also come from outside in Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut herself is a big exam. Today Kangana Ranaut is one of the top pad actresses in Bollywood.

Tiger Shroff said in an interview that it is true that if your parents are already present in Bollywood. So it becomes easy for you to enter Bollywood. But he said one more thing that only your parents having a big name in Bollywood may not work for you. If you did not do a good job, you will be thrown out of Bollywood. And you will find its big exams in Bollywood. Study Suman is a living example of this. Apart from this, there are many exams that have disappeared in Bollywood today despite their parents, in such a situation, there are no actor actresses only in the name of nepotism.

Yes, it is possible that they launch a big banner. And they get a big film in the initial stage. But after that they have to move forward in Bollywood on the basis of their talent. As in other areas. So to say that only Bollywood has nepotism is absolutely wrong.

You have to move on your own not on the strength of nepotism

You may get opportunities in life because of nepotism. But only your hard work can move you forward. There are such exams in Bollywood too. If you look at Priyanka Chopra and see her sister Parineeti Chopra, there is a difference of day and night between the two. In the same way, Shilpa Shetty and her sister Shamita Shetty can be taken. Shilpa Shetty is a familiar face of Bollywood today. While no one knows his sister till date. He has done 1 web series. But she has not been able to do anything more than this. In such a situation, to say that Bollywood only runs on the basis of nepotism is absolutely wrong.

If we bring nepotism forward in our life, then this society cannot continue. Because everyone has their own property. There is an inheritance. Which is carried forward by his future generation. If the coming generation is successful, your wealth and inheritance increases. And if your generation fails, your wealth and inheritance declines. This is a general law of nature, it is completely wrong to call it nepotism. Then where does nepotism go wrong?

what extent is nepotism correct

If we look around us, there is nepotism everywhere but to what extent is nepotism correct? Can there be a limit to this? Yes it can happen at all. If you have given a place to an actor before, in your film or web show. Then it is not possible that you throw it out in the name of your loved one. He should be given a chance. And you should be selected on the basis of talent.

Sometimes it happens that we get lured by our blood relations. And the actual talent is not able to move forward. But believe me, if you have talent inside you, no one can stop you. Neither is nepotism. And this thing does not apply only to Bollywood. The concept of nepotism applies in every field. If you look at history too, then the great kings and dynasties were shattered because they could not carry forward their legacy. In such a situation, even in Bollywood, if an actor does not do a good job, then he is lost somewhere. Then nepotism does not help at all.

Nepotism exists in real sense in politics

Now if we talk about where is nepotism applied in the true sense? So you can call it politics. If you see in politics, then big dynasties have been formed today. The next generation leads the people. While it is clearly written in the constitution that everyone will get a chance to lead the people.

Now because these political parties have become so strong that no common person can move forward. Then our constitution is also clearly violated here. And it is the world’s largest examiner of nepotism. If you think you are living in a democracy, break your illusion. Actually it is political dynasty. Which are driving our country and this democracy forward.

Why is there no talk of nepotism in politics

If you see, then the matter of nepotism in Bollywood is not as much about politics. Dynasties are only advancing politics. Then whether it is Congress, BJP, SP, BSP or any other political party. All are carrying on their family heritage, but somewhere it exists on a large scale. So somewhere it exists on a small scale. If you are an MLA, then let it be decided that your coming PD will participate in politics. And your son, daughter or any other relative will become MLA. So this is a living example of nepotism.

But have you wondered why nepotism is not discussed in politics all over the world? Because political parties do not want political nepotism to be discussed. He seems to read his dynasty and his legacy again in danger. So they give the debate another mode. In which the public gets trapped. Don’t you want to have a certain age in our country? After which the election could not be contested. And there should be a fixed number of times you can contest elections. After that your family should not be able to contest elections, such a system should be in politics. On which all political parties are silent. While this is a real living example of nepotism.

Your talent cannot advance you in politics

How much has nepotism come to dominate politics today? You can understand from this how much talent you have. And how much ability do you have to lead? Yet you cannot advance in politics. Somebody of your family must be in politics.

Although earlier such instances were seen that people used to move through struggle. But this is not happening now. So, should it be said that politics is really the stronghold of nepotism. Which should be removed. Somewhere it will be a good step for democracy as well. Which will have to be lifted tomorrow if not today. The longer we do, the greater the threat will be to our democracy. Political parties are misleading you. And are calling for nepotism in Bollywood. Whereas Bollywood employs millions of people every year. Political parties do not tell you this. Maybe Bollywood is also wrong in some cases. I am not saying that Bollywood is completely right. But how far is it right to question the entire Bollywood because of 1 case?



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