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Important tips to save your job

Coronavirus continues to cause jobs all over the world. And a large number of jobs have also happened in India. In such a situation, it is important that you take some steps to save your job. If you follow all these tips, you will be able to save your job.

According to reports coming in the Indian media, about 14 crore jobs are being threatened in the country due to Corona virus. In such a situation, you cannot keep your hand on your hand. And to save your job you have to take some important steps.

Update your skill


If you want to save your job, you have to update your skill. The Corona virus has attracted a large number of people and companies to technology. And more and more technology is being resorted to. In such a situation, if you want to save your job, then you also have to be up to date in technology.

Remember that employees believe in learning things quickly. They are able to save their jobs even in these difficult times. In such a situation, it is important that you also keep your skills strong.

Do not deny work project

Remember, no work is small or big. If you want to save your job, then you have to say yes to every work No matter how small and big that task is. As you will succeed in small tasks. In the same way, the management’s trust will increase on you. And you will be an important employee for the company.

And if you come to this place in the company, no one will be able to get you out of the job. Remember to complete your work under all guidelines. And meet your target on time and give it to the company.

This type of company comes in handy if you have a hard time. So when your company gets out of the crisis then you will increase the expectation of getting bigger projects. In such a situation, you can also consider this time as an opportunity. Employees who come to the company in times of crisis. He stays in the companies for a long time. And they also get salary increase easily later.

If the company asks you to work even for extra hours, do not deny it. Your job is important at this time. Not the extra hours of work. If the company is asking you to cut your salary. So for that you remain positive. There is still some time left for the corona virus vaccine to arrive. In such a situation, keep yourself motive for the salary cut. And if there is a cut in your salary, then you continue to do your work continuously.

Make yourself necessary for the company

You can see around you how much your company needs you. You have to make yourself necessary for the company to save your job.

Remember that employees are very important to the company. The company can never remove them from their jobs.

You participate in every activity of the company. And if the management tells you any work, then complete it on time. Also, if any other employee is asking you for help, do not refuse to help him. If your relationship is good then your job will be less risky.

You can also take some important steps to make yourself necessary in the company. Such as a good relationship with management. If you have a good relationship with your management then you will be expected to get a big project. And if you find it in a large project company. And you are hooked in important departments. So the risk of leaving your job will be less.

Maintain good relations with employees

Along with the management, you should also maintain good relations with your classmate employees. Also, do not promote any type of problem in the company. Always remember that if your relationship with your employees is not good, then your negative feedback can go to the management. In such a situation, your job may also be in danger. In such a situation, if you want to save the job, then you have to maintain good relations with all the employees. Be it a small employee or a large employee.

If an employee is asking you for help with their project, do not deny it. Always remember one thing that if you help another person, then you can also get help when it is time. In such a situation, it can be an important aspect of saving the job. It is sometimes seen that employees who behave poorly in the company. Regardless of how good they are at work, they are trimmed first.

Avoid giving negative feedback

If you know the wrong thing about an employee of the company. So do not give negative feedback about it to your management. Remember that the more negative feedback you get, the worse your relationship with employees will be. In such a situation, there is a danger that your negative feedback will go to the management. In such a situation, the retrenchment of such employees can be done first by the management, whose continuous negative feedback is coming.

Employees who are unable to work should always keep them motives. Always remind all the employees in your team that there is a crisis of jobs at this time. And we have to work well continuously. If you are meeting company targets. And you become a profit making employee for the company. Even then there will be no threat to your job.

Remember the company is specially taken care of such employees who are profit making. Companies never turn a profit making employees. Never be discouraged thinking that your position is short. The important thing is how much work are you able to do for the company? And what is your productivity?

Keep yourself positive

It is usually seen that when the employees are laid off in the company, then the rest of the employees are discouraged and they also see the danger of going to their jobs constantly and get very excited even in such a time. Maintain positive and whatever company gives the task, they have to be completed on time. If you do this then the management will have a positive feedback from you and you can become a cassette for the company and if you succeed in doing so So there will be no threat to your job.

Look for small opportunities in the company

If you want to stay in your company. And save your job. So small opportunities have to be explored. All the small opportunities have come to you. They all have to be redeemed.

If you have any small tasks coming up, then they also have to be completed on time. Remember that this time carelessness can overshadow your job. At the same time, it has also been seen that if your company is running in profit, then it will reduce the chances. In such a situation, if you get any small opportunity. So do not miss it. This will send a positive feedback to the management. And you will become a less necessary employee for the company. And always remember one thing that the company never takes out the required employees.



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