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I am not lying to the country for my political carier Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the Narendra Modi government. Today, he has released a video saying that I cannot lie to the country about China for my political career.

Let us tell you for information that these days Rahul Gandhi has brought a video series. In which he talks about the country’s problems.

Important problems such as China and Corona virus have been raised in these videos.

I can’t lie for my political career to the country Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has said that I cannot lie for my political career. Even if my entire political career ends. Rahul Gandhi said that the people of India are my own. And I cannot lie to them at any cost.

Rahul Gandhi said that some people want me to lie about it. But I cannot lie about China. Even if I do not have to pay any price for it.

It hurts to know that China has entered our border

Rahul Gandhi said that China has penetrated inside our border. And I’m sad to know this. Rahul Gandhi said that how can a country penetrate within the boundary of our country.

What did Rahul Gandhi say about the Prime Minister

In this interview by India Today, Rahul Gandhi was asked that the Prime Minister is saying that you make a statement about China. With this, the morale of the country’s army falls. And China is strong. When asked this question, Rahul Gandhi said that those people are not nationalists. Who are lying about the country. And want me to lie about the country too. But I will not lie at any cost.

Actually such people cannot really be nationalists. I will not lie to 130 crore Indians at any cost.

Rahul Gandhi has brought videos before this

These days Rahul Gandhi is coming with a video series. In which he is raising important problems of the country. And Narendra Modi is constantly attacking the government.

Earlier in the video, Rahul Gandhi has asked Narendra Modi questions about China. At the same time, Narendra Modi has also targeted the government’s failures regarding the corona virus.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi talked about the effects of Corona virus on the country’s economy. Then Rahul Gandhi said that the country’s economy has collapsed due to the effects of the Corona virus. And the Narendra Modi government is doing nothing to protect it.



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