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How will internet change in future with satellite internet?

The battle for communication between two big companies of the world is still going on above our sky. The concept of satellite Internet comes amidst this ongoing battle between SpaceX and Amazon. The concept of satellite internet is quite fun. But who will rule this satellite internet world? For this, the fight between SpaceX and Amazon continues. Communication methods are going to change completely for us in the coming times.

Nearly half of the world’s population is still battling for a Decent Internet connection. They are faced with buffering to watch videos repeatedly. In such a situation, satellite internet can play an important role. The special thing about satellite internet is that in this you do not see any problem of connectivity.

Satellite Internet can solve the problem of internet connectivity

About half of the world’s population is still battling for a good Internet connection. In such a situation, satellite internet may be the answer. Satellite Internet can also be successful in areas where the Internet is not yet accessible. A population or people where a very small number of people live. And it is very difficult to get internet there. Providing internet in hilly areas and poor villages is proving very difficult for today’s telecom companies. In such a situation, companies like Star Link and Amazon are working to reach the internet in areas where there is still no internet access, or internet connectivity is very less.

The world’s most talked about person Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is working continuously for satellite internet. Satellite Internet is still available in many countries worldwide. Although its prices are still very high. Elon Musk’s company is running a program called SpaceX Sterlink. Under which satellites are being installed in the law orbit of the earth. The number of these satellites is 12000. 12000 satellites are working together to deliver internet through broadband connection across the earth.

space X provide internet through satellite internet

SpaceX, the company of the world’s most popular human being Elon Musk, is working to reach the internet via satellite in many countries through its StarLink project. However, only beta testing is being done at this time. But Musk’s company SpaceX has a lot of advantages. They have a government approved satellite launch pad. Because of which they are easily able to launch their satellites in the orbit of the earth. Broadband internet is being provided in beta phase to many people through Star Link.

SpaceX has so far launched more than 900 satellites in Low Earth Arbit to reach the internet through satellite. Looking at the current launch speed, SpaceX is launching about 60 satellites in Earth’s low orbit every 3 weeks. In this way, in the next few years, SpaceX plans to launch about 12000 satellites in Earth’s Lorbit. So that internet connectivity can be made easy around the world. space X is the only company that is providing internet via satellite to people all over the world.

Amazon is also ready to compete with SpaceX

After electric car online shopping, the battle between the big tech companies in the world is about establishing dominance in the satellite Internet market. Two big companies are in the field of this. The first is named SpaceX. Which is running its program Star Link. At the same time, the company run by Amazon’s founder job bajos is one web. Through One Web, Geoff Bezos wants to reach people worldwide via satellite.

However, the biggest problem with Amazon is government approval. So far, no permission has been granted to the US by the US FCC. However, Amazon also plans to launch satellites in the Earth’s orbit. Amazon’s One Web Service will launch about 3206 satellites in Prithvi’s Orbit. So that people from all over the world can access the Internet via satellite. Amazon’s founders are about to invest 10 billion dollars in the satellite Internet market. In such a situation, the battle between Star Link and OneWeb is going to reach a new phase. Where internet prices can also be reduced. This will directly benefit the people.

However, how much will SpaceX’s company compete with OneWeb for Star Link? It will also be interesting to see. Experts say that Amazon’s OneWeb has not yet launched a single satellite. It is not expected to change in the coming times. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how Amazon launches more than 3000 satellites in the orbit of the Earth. It also does not have the basic facilities like a launch pad. Which SpaceX already has.

Another special thing about Space x is that he is working with NASA, the world’s largest research agency. In such a situation, it will be easier for them to launch any project.

SpaceX also provides Internet connectivity in rural areas

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX also provides Internet connectivity in the rural area through its program StarLink. For this you have to buy their receiver. The receiver costs US $ 499. In addition, the monthly subscription to SpaceX’s satellite internet is $ 99. However, satellite Internet has been launched in a few countries by SpaceX company Star Link. Which includes Britain and the United States.

This program run by Star Link is currently in beta testing. And few people have been provided with receivers and transformers. Through which you can access internet.

The receiver which is being provided to consumers by Star Link. It is about the size of a 1 dish antenna. However, experiments to reduce this are also being done continuously. Elon Musk says that the receivers are being provided by us to access the internet. They are the size of a pizza. In this case, it is much easier to use and apply them. However, engineers are trying to reduce the size of this receiver even more. In the future, it may be possible to fit the receiver to access the satellite Internet in some form. Engineers are constantly working for this.

Important announcement made by Amazon regarding satellite internet

The satellite internet that is being provided by Starlink to consumers right now. He works in two ways. However, Amazon made an important announcement regarding this last month. Amazon says that we have created a receiver and sender transmission that works in the same single way.

Amazon says that more innovations can be done in the time to come. It has been claimed by Amazon that our receiver can provide about 400 Mbps speed to the consumers. In this, you can also do 4K TV streaming. However, no product of this method has been launched by Amazon’s OneWeb yet. But in the coming time, it is certain that this will be provided by Internet satellite only. But the important among all these things is that so far all the satellites being launched in the Earth’s Low Earth Arbit are still able to provide more stable internet connectivity, so in the coming time the satellite internet market and Is also going to be much bigger.

However, StarLink, the world’s first satellite project, is the first to get internet consumers commercialized. Because it currently has satellite internet infrastructure. However, it still has to launch a large number of satellites.

Internet receiver will decide the price of satellite internet

Internet is provided by satellite receiver. The price of this receiver will also play an important role in determining the prices of satellite internet. Right now the satellite internet receiver is being provided to consumers through Star Link. It costs US $ 499. However, Amazon says that we are constantly working to reduce it. And our team has done a very good job.

We are trying to make one way transmitters and we have been successful in this. However, what will be its final price, nothing can be said about it right now. But experts believe that it can be much cheaper than Star Link’s two way internet receiver. Experts are saying that this receiver may cost around $ 99. However, we will have to wait a long time for this.

Amazon will launch satellite in 5 stages

Amazon has revealed its plan to reach satellite internet to the masses. Amazon has said that we are about to launch 3226 satellites in 5 phases. Which will help people to access internet directly to their home. Amazon says that we will launch all internet satellites by 2026. Which is going to be established in the Law Orbit of the Earth. For this, the CEO of Amazon is in constant contact with the US government.

However, there are also reports in the media that Amazon is lobbying in the US government to compete with Space X. Through this lobbying they want to slow down the speed of SpaceX. So that in the coming time, Amazon’s OneWeb satellite Internet service can compete with Space X.



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