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How was the moon formed?

Whenever we look at the Moon from the Earth, the first question that arises is how is the Moon formed? We all are curious to know how and under what circumstances the moon was formed? Let us tell you for information that the only natural satellite of the Earth is the Moon. Which is also necessary for the existence of the Earth. You would be surprised to know but it is a fact that, as much as the Moon is necessary for the Earth. Earth is not necessary for that much moon.

In such a situation, if there was no moon, life on earth would have become difficult and human life here would have been difficult.

During the Apollo mission mission in November 1969, scientists tried to hit the satellite with the moon. And tried to make a pit in it. You will be surprised to know that when this satellite hit the moon, a vibration occurred in it. Now we all know that any such thing with which we collide. It vibrates only when it is hollow inside. In such a situation, the question arises whether the moon is hollow from inside?

Let me give you an example of water here. When we throw a stone in water, waves are generated inside it. The same thing happened when the satellite collided with the moon. And a vibration occurred in the moon.

We are here now talking about the concept which is still considered to be the most correct. And we are told how the moon was formed?

The joint impact concept related to the how moon was formed?

So far, the concept of the moon is considered to be the most correct, it is The Giant Impact Concept.

According to this concept, in the past, there was another planet equal to the Earth. Which was present along with the Earth. And both were circling in the same orbit. The name of this planet was thea. After this, this planet present with the Earth gradually became unstable. And both of them collided. The collision of the two greatly increased the rotation speed of the Earth.

Due to the collision of these two, a lot of debris spread into the space in the form of fragments. Later, the moon formed from these fragments moving in space.

This concept is imaginary. But then why do scientists consider this concept related to the creation of the moon so much? There is a reason behind this too.

During the Apollo 14 mission, scientists brought some stone pieces from the moon to the earth. When these stone pieces were studied, it was found that these pieces were made of basalt. Later when these stone pieces were compared to the stones present on the earth, there was a lot of similarity between the two. It is said on this basis that this is the correct concept related to the creation of the Moon. Called the joint impact concept.

Also during the Apollo mission, when scientists looked at the pits there, they found that the pits were of the same type.

When we put a stone in water, that water spreads all around. Pits of this manner exist on the moon. This showed that the Moon was surrounded by Megama in its early days. Later, due to the rain of meteor bodies, pits of this manner formed on the moon.

Fishon Concept of moon formation

An attempt has been made to explain how the Moon was formed according to the Fishon concept. According to this concept, the first moon was a part of the earth. But due to collision with a large meteorite, the moon and earth were broken and split into two separate parts. One was named Earth and the other was named Moon.

But in response to the concept related to the creation of this moon, scientists say that when both the moon and the earth are made of the same material, then why the structure of the two is different? And why are their materials different?

We are talking here about the moon and the surface of the earth. If we look at the Moon and the Earth’s surface, both are formed in different ways. And the material of both is also not same. As such, this concept has now been rejected. However, till date this question has not been completely solved how the moon was finally formed?

The capture concept of moon formation

The second concept that tells us about the creation of the moon is the de capture concept. According to this concept, the first moon was not part of our solar system. It came from another solar system into our solar system. Later it became a part of the Solar System due to Earth’s gravity.

Later, the Moon accepted the Earth as a center. And started moving around it. Do you think this concept related to the creation of the Moon is correct? Let us now consider some facts related to the Moon that tell us that the Capturer concept related to the creation of the Moon is not correct.

The size of the moon is much smaller than the Earth. And this is equivalent to about a quarter of the Earth. However, our Moon has grown much more than other natural satellites in the solar system.

If we talk about most satellites of Jupiter, then its satellites are 88 times smaller than the size of Jupiter. According to this, the size of the moon is much larger than the Earth.

In such a situation, a passing large size satellite could attract the earth due to the force of gravity on its side. This is impossible. If there was a small meteorite in place of the Moon, then it could have been applied that the Earth has attracted the meteorite to itself. But the Moon has grown much more than the size of the Earth.

In addition, another concept exists that tells us how the Moon was formed. The name of this concept is Condensation concept. According to this concept, the moon was formed at the same time as our solar system was formed.

But no evidence exists in its favor. In such a situation, it would not be appropriate to call this concept correct. Then the question arises that how was the moon finally formed?

Other facts related to moon formation

Apart from this, there are some other facts about the creation of the moon. Those who surprise us. If you look at the satellites of most planets, their direction of rotation is elliptical. While the Moon revolves around the Earth in a nearly circular form.

If our Earth’s satellite was not the moon, our Earth’s axis would rotate. And all the energy of the Sun would fall on the South Pole. In such a situation the existence of human beings would be in danger.

If we look at all the facts given above, the question arises even if the moon is a natural planet of the moon? Because the structure of the creation of the Earth and the Moon is very different. And the Moon revolves around the Earth differently from all satellites. Because of this, scientists have introduced another concept related to the creation of the moon.

Was the Moon Made by Aliens?

Scientists have introduced another concept related to the creation of the moon. According to scientists the Moon was created by aliens. And the aliens also visit the moon again and again to see the moon they have created.

Neil Armstrong and his team members saw UFO objects in space during the Apollo 11 mission, as well as the Apollo 11 mission while landing on the moon. At that time, their connection to the control room on earth was cut off for 2 minutes.

The connection between the control room and the Apollo mission was repeatedly fluting. In between, another signal was coming. However, NASA has not yet revealed where this connection was connecting. Perhaps NASA also has no idea about this.

In such a situation, no one has been able to say with certainty how the moon was finally formed? However, studies related to this keep coming in between us.

On the day we will have some strong information and evidence related to the creation of the moon. Then we will also know how the universe was finally created? By the way, let me tell you for information that we still do not know for sure how the Earth was created?



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