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How was earth formed

The planet on the universe we live on. We call it Earth. The first question that comes to our mind while looking at the Earth. That is, how was the earth finally formed? Is there any age on Earth? After which will our earth end? This is a question to which we all want to know the answers.

We all know that the Moon is formed from the Earth itself. And both Earth and Moon are two parts of the same planet. We use the Joint Impact Hypothesis to create the Moon.

According to this concept, the Earth and another planet were called Theia. Both circled in the same class. The collision of the two resulted in the formation of the moon. So how was the Earth finally formed? It is interesting to know whether the Moon and Earth were born at the same time, or both are different.

How the earth was formed?

The biggest question today is how the Earth was created. It is said that there was only one very large cloud in the universe before. Called the Solar Nebula. It was a cold cloud that roamed the universe. This solar nebula was made of hydrogen and helium. Later, due to the effect of gravity, this cloud started shrinking, due to which the density of this cloud kept increasing. At the same time the temperature of this cloud also increased due to the effect of gravity. Later the cloud exploded. Scientists say that the explosion was caused by a collision of a nearby star. Our Sun was born due to this explosion.

Now our solar system has found a center in the form of the Sun. Due to the gravitational effect of the Sun, the surrounding gas particles and other substances started to join. These gas particles started circling around the sun.

With the passage of time, the particles of gas started to join together. And began to be formed in different circular forms. One of these spherical objects was our Earth. On which we live today.

Earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. The temperature of the Earth was very high in the beginning. At that time there was a lot of volcanic eruptions in the Earth, this time was called the Haitian era. Gradually, due to the effect of gravity, hot materials started to collect. This made the Earth’s surface slowly cool.

Due to volcanic eruptions on Earth, large quantities of gas came out of these volcanoes. These gases later created the Earth’s atmosphere.

Scientists have found evidence of the presence of water on the earth 4 billion years ago. Now the question arises, where did the water come from? Scientists say that this water came to Earth from the ice deposited on the comet. This ice came to Earth due to heat and turned into steam. And clouds started forming.

It started raining on the earth in this way. This process continued for millions of years. And the oceans were formed on the earth. In this way our earth was submerged. Around this time, the Moon, the only satellite on Earth, was also formed.

How did life come to earth?

It remains a puzzle to scientists that, where did life on Earth come from? And how man was created. However, many things have been said by scientists for this.

Scientists say that the first seas were formed on Earth. And life was made possible only by these seas. Scientists say that life was first formed inside the oceans.

One-celled organisms formed on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago. These single-celled organisms, like today, lived on methane, not on oxygen. Scientists say that oxygen was present on Earth in very small amounts in the early times. While a large amount of methane was present on Earth in proportion to it.

On the other hand, in the case of life on Earth, scientists say that the first simple cell organisms were created. And then organisms with complex cells and structures were created. Which includes humans.

After this, the number of volcanic eruptions on Earth continued to decrease. And there came a time when the Earth became a snowball. The temperature of the Earth has reduced very much. The seas were also covered with snow. But life continued its process of moving forward. Organisms called cyanobacteria received energy through the photosynthesis method.

These organisms emit oxygen after receiving energy. This led to a continuous increase in the amount of oxygen on Earth.

Subsequently continents began to form and break up due to vibration in the earth. Which continued unabated. But the process of building life did not stop here either.

About 90 million years ago, its first multicellular organisms were formed on Earth. The remains of such creatures have been found in the sandstone rocks of Australia. 58 million years ago, the size of the fauna on the earth was very small. But four hundred years later, the size of the fauna found surprisingly increased considerably.

According to the scientists, for the first time, 53 million years ago, life moved from the sea to the earth. After this, life began to build on the earth at a rapid pace. Dinosaurs were created or born on Earth 30 million years ago. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for millions of years. But there came a day when all dinosaurs were eliminated from Earth.

About six and a half million years ago, a comet hit the Earth at a speed of 70000 kilometers per hour. Due to this collision, most of the animals living on the earth got eliminated. This collision of earth and comet caused the death of about 70% of the species of animals on earth.

Earth vibrated once again. And about four and a half million years ago, a new subcontinent was created, separated from Eurasia. And the Himalayas were also formed due to this vibration. This part is today’s Indian subcontinent.

How will the Earth end or die?

We all know that the thing or human being is born. It will surely end. And this will also apply to our earth.

Scientists say that 1 day will also be the end of the Earth. But scientists differ about how the Earth will end? Many concepts have been presented by scientists for this.

Scientists say that a large number of comets roam our solar system. And a large amount of comets are circling between Mars and Earth. If any of these comets hit the Earth, the Earth may end.

Scientists said that a comet would hit the Earth in 2036. This comet was about 300 meters wide. But if this comet had hit the Earth, it would have generated so much energy that an atom bomb would have produced 100000 times more energy than this collision. Which was enough to end life on Earth.

However, the scientists’ guess about this comet turned out to be wrong. And in 2013, the comet passed through the Earth. In such a situation, our earth survived.

Scientists say that the end of life is also possible due to the volcanoes present on Earth. Scientists say that large amounts of smoke and dust balloons will form on Earth due to volcanic eruptions. And because of their dust and dust, the sunlight will not reach the earth. And because of this, life on earth can end.

Scientists on the other hand say that the end of the earth can also be caused by the ending stars. When two stars end and merge, they produce a large amount of gamma rays. This gamma ray is so powerful that everything within its scope is destroyed. Whether it is a planet or a satellite.

The temperature of these gamma rays is about one crore times higher than our Sun. But this process takes place far away from our earth. Because of this, these gamma rays have no effect on our earth. However, this process continues in the universe. But imagine what will happen on the day when the impact of their gamma rays reaches our earth. In such a situation, the Earth may end due to these gamma rays.

There is another concept given by the Earth End Scientists called Big Crunch concept. According to this concept our universe is constantly expanding. And when will this outbreak of the universe be completed? There is no idea about it yet. But scientists say that when our universe spreads in a complete way, then our universe will start shrinking. And will be transformed into a point. At this point, our earth will also merge. And life on our earth will end.

On the other hand, contrary to this concept, another concept is given by scientists. According to this concept, the Earth and the universe will spread so much in 1 day that the Sun and the stars will go far away from us. And the energy from the sun will not reach the earth. If energy does not reach the Sun on Earth, life will automatically end on Earth. In such a situation, if our universe shrinks or expands, in both cases life on our earth can end.

Knowledge from the other side says that our Earth can also be ended due to the Sun. Scientists say that there are frequent solar storms on the Sun. However, due to the magnetic effect of our earth, these solar storms do not reach our earth. But if solar storms are powerful then these storms can reach our earth too. With this, the satellite and technology on our earth will stop working. And darkness will cover the earth. And gradually life on our earth will come to an end.



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