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Now anyone can get blue tick on twitter

Twitter has once again started the account verification service for everyone. That is, if any person in the public now feels that his account should be verified, then he can send a request to Twitter. His account can be verified with blue tick. However, Twitter has put some terms and conditions for this. Which must be completed.

Let us tell you for information that Twitter had closed the account verification process in the year 2017 after a contravention. During this time the company itself used to verify famous brands and companies. And used to give them blue ticks. However, now anyone can apply for Blue Beige on Twitter.

How to apply for account verification on Twitter

When Twitter initially started account verification. Then you had to submit a form. However, this method has been changed now.

You will have to go to the settings in your account section. Here you will see the account verification tab. After clicking on it, you will have to submit a form.

After this, Twitter will reply to you within 1 month. If your account is verified, then blue beige will appear in front of your account without any e-mail. This will mean that your Twitter account has been verified.

If your twitter account is not verified, Twitter will inform you about this through email. This process may take a few weeks.

How long will it take to verify the Twitter account

Twitter has said that how long it will take for your account to be verified will depend on how many people have applied for account verification on Twitter.

If more people have applied for account verification on Twitter, then it may take some more time.

In which category can you submit the application for account verification

Twitter has currently released some categories for account verification. If your account matches these categories, you can submit an application for account verification on Twitter.

However, Twitter has said that the account verification settings will not be visible in all accounts yet. It will be made operational for all accounts in the coming week. In such a situation, if you do not see the verification setting in your account, then there is no need to panic. You wait a few days. Verification settings will appear in your account.

The government, companies include brands, news organizations, entertainment, journalists, influencers and other individuals who can put applications on Twitter for account verification.

Twitter has said that in the coming days, categories will be released for account verification or bluetooth for some more categories. Which will include religious people and people associated with other organizations. Twitter has said that your account may not be included in the above category. In the coming time, more new categories will be added to it. Then your account will get a blue tick.

Conditions to verify Twitter account

A few terms and conditions have been issued before verifying the Twitter account. If you fulfill these terms and conditions, then your account can be verified.

You have not violated any of the policies of Twitter. The email ID associated with your brand should be linked to your account.

Your Twitter account should be complete. Apart from this, the link of your official website should also be linked to the twitter account. Apart from this, if other links are necessary, they should also be present on the Twitter account.

Apart from this, Twitter will have the right to verify whether the Twitter account will be verified or not. If your Twitter account application is rejected, you can submit the application once again after 30 days to get a blue tick on your Twitter account.

Apart from this, Twitter can ask you for any valid ID issued by the government. So that it is easy to prove your identity.



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