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How to create advertisement

If you run a business, advertising is an important component. Except advertising, you cannot grow your business. In such a situation, we will tell you today how to do advertisement or how to make your advertisement.

Whether you are creating an advertisement for Facebook, you are making an advertisement for Twitter. Or for Instagram or Google. Nowadays a large amount of advertisements are being made. All these advertisements have a special strategy. Which you will be able to generate more revenue in the business. Some business models have become such nowadays that are running on Facebook Twitter or Google through advertising. And build their online business model through advertising. That is, the more you advertise. The more money they earn.

Platform based advertising

how to create advertisement
how to create advertisement

First of all, see for which platform are you making the advertisement? And design your advertisement according to the design of the platform.

We give you an example of Facebook here. Suppose you are creating an advertisement for Facebook, you can advertise for Facebook likes either there or there. Or increase traffic to your website. Or you can advertise for engagement. For this you can use slide show video advertising.

If you are doing advertisements on Facebook, you must also choose the interest. This will benefit you more. All online platforms including Facebook, Twitter Instagram give you the option of interest based advertising. You should choose the interest of the people according to your business. And advertise accordingly. If you advertise on Facebook in this way, you will benefit more. You can do this advertisement on Google, Instagram or other online platforms.

Choose better photos for Instagram advertisement

There are two ways you can advertise on Instagram. The first is photo advertising and the second is video. However, most advertisers do photo base advertising on Instagram. In which you can use slide shows. If you are doing photo base advertising on Instagram, then appoint a professional photographer for this. So that you can get maximum engagement.

Because Instagram is a photo sharing app, you can take more engagement by doing photo advertising there. And you can grow your business.

Keep in mind the language while advertising

Whether you are advertising on Google Facebook, Instagram or any online advertising platform. Must take care of language. Suppose if you have advertised in a state in India, then you can choose Hindi language for the people of North India. Remember, if you choose local language in your advertisement, then you will be able to connect with people more. It is generally seen that most advertisers keep their language of advertising in English. But even today there is a large segment in India that exists on online platforms. But still uses Hindi language. In such a situation, it is important to take care of your language while doing online advertising.

If you are doing advertisements in the states of South India, then you can do Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi or any local elections for this.

Create a Story for Advertising

If you want to do a video advertisement of your product, then create a story for it. Whether you are doing video advertising on Facebook Twitter or YouTube. But still you will have to create a story. You see that most of the big companies have a story in their video advertising. Which attracts people towards them.

Here we are giving you an example of dairy milk. You may have noticed in Dairy Milk Advertising, that most of his video advertising is based on love story. Which is a short love story. Based on this, you can also choose a small emotional story for yourself. Which is directly related to the people.

Keep in mind that choose a story that directly affects people. And remember them for a long time. This will help you more in advertising. You can use YouTube for video advertising. Nowadays most of the videos are using YouTube for advertising. YouTube is a popular platform worldwide.

Video advertisement option is also available on Facebook. But there you do not get to see much customization with advertising. As well as engagement on Facebook, video advertisement is also rarely seen. The second is Instagram. Video ads perform much better on Instagram as well.

Use human emotions in advertising

If you are making an advertisement for yourself, then you can use human emotions in it. Advertisement in which human emotions are used. They can reach more people. And they also get more engagement.

Whether you are making advertisements for any online platform whether Facebook Twitter Google or YouTube. Take care of human feelings in your advertisement.

Also, keep in mind that your advertisement should not insult any caste or religion. Otherwise, you can have a bad effect on the person watching the advertisement. Also, keep your advertisement storylines in such a way that it touches human feelings and their heart. Heart-touching advertisements are more effective for people.

You can see the advertisements of Google and Samsung. Both Google Samsung companies are such that directly affect humans. You can also use this for your advertising.

It is not necessary to take the product name in advertisement

Most people think that they are advertising on any platform. At most, your product name should be taken. But this is not always necessary.

Whether you are advertising on Facebook Twitter Youtube or any platform. It is not always necessary that you name your product on advertising.

We give you an example of Google’s advertising here. Google once ran its advertising. In which he told how people are getting Google. While not even once did Google say that you should use Google. Advertisement in the same manner is also run by Samsung.

Advertisement, offer additional discounts

You are selling your product at the same price as before. Offer more discounts on your product during advertising. It is generally seen that when advertising is given more discounts, people remember it for a long time. It also increases the engagement of the product. Also if you want to sell a product through advertisement. And giving additional discounts, sales up to 30% in sales there.

Also, you should run the offer given in advertisement for limited time only. And while advertising, please state that this offer is only for limited time. Doing this will increase your sales drastically.



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