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How not get pregnant

Nowadays, there are many ways to avoid getting pregnant around the world. Of which pill IUD, condoms are used predominantly. Sterilization is the most popular method worldwide to avoid getting pregnant. In India, women usually undergo sterilization to avoid becoming pregnant. However, vasectomy is also slowly becoming prevalent. And sterilization is a popular way to avoid pregnancy, not only in India but throughout the world.

But such a method also exists around the world, which is rarely talked about. And that is the IUD. With IUD you can easily avoid pregnancy. However, there has been little publicity about it. The strategy of companies is also present behind the less publicity about Iud. Copper-t is a way by which you can easily avoid pregnancy.

The special thing about copper t is that once it is fitted in the uterus, any type of pregnancy can be avoided for 12 years. However, due to misinformation and low awareness about copper-t, it is being used worldwide. While this is a safe way to avoid pregnancy.

Iud (copper t) is the best way to avoid getting pregnant

We usually see that women around the world consume pills to avoid pregnancy. These pills save you from getting pregnant, but even if you are using a pill to avoid getting pregnant, 1% hope you can still be pregnant.

According to one study, women forget to take birth control pills 5 times in a month. If a woman eats contraceptive pills for 12 years, then her chances of getting pregnant reaches 61%. In such a situation, birth control pills may not be the right way to avoid getting pregnant.

However, birth control pills are used to avoid getting pregnant after sex. Because of this, birth control pills are popular all over the world. It is often seen that people forget to use contraceptives during sex.

However, it is generally seen that nowadays condom use has increased instead of birth control pills. But even after having sex around the world, women wake up in the morning and consume birth control pills. This story is about millions of women from Mumbai to Melbourne. In such a situation, the question arises that after sex there is no problem of any kind and what means are available to prevent it from being conceived permanently.

If we want to avoid pregnancy, IUD is the best way to do it. Iud is available in many sizes worldwide. The most popular iud shape around the world is the t-shaped iud shape. Iud is the letter t of the English alphabet. However many other shapes also exist. In which four-legged iud and circular iud are also available. But coper t is the most popular method worldwide. So that pregnancy can be avoided.

A copper t is a plastic device. A thread remains in it. Copper-t is more popular in western countries. However, T-shaped copper-t is also very popular in India. Once copper-t is fitted in the uterus, then you are worried about getting pregnant for 12 years.

Copper t is considered as the most successful contraceptive worldwide. But due to low awareness among women, it is not being used yet. This should be done to avoid getting pregnant.

If we talk about the continent of Asia, only about 27% of the women here know about iud. In the same way, about 6.1% of women in North America are aware of iud.

You will be surprised to know that in countries like Australia and New Zealand, only 2% women know about iud.

Why do women not know about Iud?

When iud is the easiest and easiest way to avoid getting pregnant around the world. Then why is there no awareness among women around the world about it? Iud can be avoided by being pregnant for a long time. Also, it does not have any side effects in particular. The spread of iud in America has not received much attention.

The companies that manufacture the medicines have promoted a lot of contraceptive pills. And women also know about him. While these companies did not say anything about iud. In this way pharmaceutical companies made a lot of money through birth control pills.

There are many different types of birth control pills available in the market. And the method of making all contraceptive pills is the same. But every pharmaceutical company sells its contraceptive pill better in the market.

Iud available in the market since 1968

You’d be surprised to know that iud has been available in worldwide markets since 1968. Why iud didn’t become popular worldwide? There are many reasons for this. Many rumors have been spread around the world about Iud.

It was said that if you use iud your sex life gets spoiled. Infertility occurs in women. Due to these misconceptions iud has still not been established as a popular contraceptive worldwide.

The best contraceptive form of IUD is copper t

By the way, IUD is available in many forms. But copper-t is known as the most popular contraceptive in the world. Copper-t has an important role in controlling China’s population.

Now China has made many types of contraceptives here. But women have to face many types of problems by using those contraceptives. As well as the operation to remove the contraceptive. Sometimes women also face infections.

Disadvantages of eating birth control pills

If we keep copper t on one side and contraceptive pills on the other side, then many types of side effects have been seen by taking birth control pills.

According to an estimate, 96,000 women worldwide become pregnant despite eating contraceptive pills every year. There are many side effects on the body of eating birth control pills. Whether condoms or contraceptive pills should be used. This is not possible in real life.

But IUD is the most different of these. There is only 1% chance that a woman can become pregnant in 1 year after Iud fits in her womb.

How iud works

If you talk about our iud, then once you fit it, there is no need to use contraceptive of the car on anyone else for 10 to 12 years.

There are 2 advantages of using iud. The white blood cells produced in the body from the IUD reach that place. Where the sperm gathers. And also destroys sperm rapidly. According to a study, IUD increases the number of white cells by 1000 times. So that the chances of getting pregnant are very less.

The second advantage of Iud depends on its variety and quality. Iud’s hormone does not allow the sperm to pass to the female’s egg.

In addition, copper t is completely sperm killer. However how does copper destroy sperm? It is still a mystery.

What are the disadvantages of using iud?

Although iud has seen a lot of benefits. But iud use also has some disadvantages. However the disadvantages of iud are very small compared to the advantages.

The first is that if the iud is not fitted properly and in the right place in the uterus, then there is a risk of infection in the uterus. The Iud device is elevated with the support of the uterine membrane. There can be any type of medical problem. If I do not feel it properly with the use of IUD, then the chances of pregnancy increase. And it can also happen in a hot fallopian tube. However, if you have any kind of problem with iud it can be pulled back.

If you ever want to become pregnant, iud can be withdrawn. After that you can be pregnant again.



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