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How is the global system changing due to China

The whole world seems to be united against China. And in such a situation, the difficulties of China have increased. Experts believe that what China has earned in a hurry to declare itself a super power, is now in a position to lose everything.
The whole world is also seen uniting in the campaign against China launched by US President Donald Trump. Let us tell you for information that the first voice against China was raised by the President of America, Donald Trump. After that, the difficulties for China do not seem to be diminishing.
Due to the border dispute with India, the difficulties of China increased even more. At the same time, China has seen interference in countries like Bhutan and Nepal. This is not the first time China has had a border dispute. But these days the dispute over the India-China border is being promoted by China. This has never been seen before.

Countries are gathering together with America against China

Global system
Global system

The biggest problem for China is that now countries are coming against them along with America. Earlier, the US seemed isolated against China. But now everything has reversed due to China’s policies. And the whole world has turned against China.

The US has formed an organization to deal with China. Which is being called a quad. This organization includes countries like India, America, Japan and Australia. The purpose of this organization, formed by the US, is to stop China’s patrolling in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

Small organizations are being built

Things are changing around the world due to China. In view of this, small organizations are being formed in the world.

The Kwid is being built in partnership with India, Australia, Japan and the United States. On the other hand, the situation in the Arab world is also changing. Arab countries are establishing diplomatic relations with Israel. And redefining the relationship.

A recent example is the UAE. Recently the UAE has entered into new agreements with Israel. Has also established diplomatic relations as well. Experts are telling that in the coming time Saudi Arabia can restore its relations with Israel. Arab countries do not recognize Israel as a country. But now this circumstances is going to change soon.

Experts are saying that America has played an important role among them all. In such a situation, if the Arab countries and Israel come together, then in the coming time, the difficulties of China may increase even more.

Conflict situation is being created in Asia

China has had border disputes with every country. And India is also not untouched by this. Border disputes have been going on between India and China for a long time. But now the border dispute has taken a new turn. And there is a situation of conflict between India and China. It is not that only a border dispute can cause a crisis between India and China. Pakistan can also be seen in it.

Let us tell you for information that Pakistan seems to be standing with China at this time. This is due to China’s billions of dollars owed to Pakistan.

At the same time, China’s border dispute is going on with Bhutan. And China is claiming Bhutan’s Doklam. While Doklam has been a part of Bhutan for a long time. But China has not been able to occupy Doklam because it is in the middle of India.

Let us tell you for information that Doklam India is an important point between Bhutan and China. On which China is collecting its rights, while according to the news, China has also occupied some land of Nepal. In such a situation, a new conflict may arise in Asia. The reason for this seems to be China.

Recently, India’s CDS Bipin Rawat said that the Indian Army should be prepared for a small conflict. And we have strategized against it. Bipin Rawat said that after 1962 the India-China border dispute had reached its peak. And conflict can break out at any time. He said that we have to prepare for a big war from a small war. Bipin Rawat said that the Indian Army is ready to respond to any attack.

China wants to become a superpower

Behind all these actions of China, there is a desire to become his superpower. But experts believe that China is doing all this in a hurry. And this may cost China dearly in the coming times. Due to these actions of China, the whole world has now turned against China. Which includes countries like India, Australia, Japan and America. At the same time, the European Union and NATO have also threatened to take action against China.

China is accusing countries around the world that it is moving forward under its imperialist policy. At the same time, experts are describing China’s imperialist policy as the biggest obstacle to becoming its superpower.

Experts say that China has not convinced the world that, if it becomes a superpower, it can take the whole world along. While America has taken the whole world along. For this reason, the dominance of America remains so far throughout the world.

The era of globalization is ending due to Corona virus

Globalization due to corona virus has also been affected. Now countries want to promote production at their national level. Due to this the international supply is also falling apart. Countries like India now have a large population. Want to be self-sufficient now in terms of production. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that now India has to become self-sufficient.

Recently, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar Prasad had said that the whole world is changing due to the corona virus. And the world after the Corona virus will be a different world. Where national interests will be given more importance. And globalization will be left behind. S Jaishankar Prasad stressed that India has to prepare itself for the post-corona virus world. Where he could compete with the world.

Let us tell you for information that countries around the world have been blaming China for spreading the corona virus. The US has alleged that China has hidden information about the corona virus from the world. And this is why millions of people have lost their lives in the world. However, China has long denied these allegations.

The supply chain of the world is falling apart

Corona virus is breaking supply chains worldwide. However, China is also being considered as a reason for this. Due to China’s imperialist policies, the supply chain is now breaking in the world.

For information, let us know that almost every major supply chain of the world is currently passing through China. But now China does not see the benefit of this situation in this. Now countries are insisting on producing here.

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the supply chain is collapsing around the world. And domestic demand will have to be strengthened even more. Xi Jinping said that if the domestic demand will be stronger, the country’s growth rate will remain. Xi Jinping instructed his officials to formulate new policies to strengthen domestic demand.

The world is moving towards data

For a long time, the world has been ruled by companies which have oil reserves. At the same time, looking at Arab countries, they have large oil reserves. That is why he has gained his dominion over the world. But now the circumstances are changing. And the data is being called new oil.

Countries like India which have a large population. Data consumption is also high. In such a situation, the situation of developing countries like India can become stronger in the coming times. However, Arab countries are also seen transferring themselves towards technology. Recently, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia said that, by 2030, they want to make Saudi Arabia the number one country in technology. For this, Saudi Arabia is also building new cities.

In such a situation, you can estimate how important data will become in the coming days. Countries are also insisting on data that companies based on technology will have to collect data locally.

Over time the demand for data across the world is also increasing. To meet this growing demand for data, all countries are laying a new network of fiber cables. Experts around the world believe that the more advanced the mesh of fiber cable. That country will become stronger in the coming times. Developing countries like India are also engaged in laying fiber networks. And spending lakhs of crores of rupees on it.



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