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How is China watching the US presidential election

Presidential elections are to be held in America this year. And the whole world is watching these presidential elections.

In such a situation, the presidential elections in America for China have also become important. Because there has been a long-standing trade war between the US and China. And this trade has now reached a new phase.

Not only the Chinese government is eyeing the presidential election in America. Rather, Chinese companies are also eyeing the US presidential election. The US presidential election has emerged as a question of survival for Chinese companies.

Whom does China want to win in America’s presidential election

XI jinping
XI jinping

This time in front of US President Donald Trump, Joe Biden as the opponent. Which according to US media is ahead of Donald Trump. However, the difference in the increase of both has reduced now

Donald Trump is the first president to start a trade war with China. In such a situation, the Chinese government and the companies there do not want Donald Trump’s victory at all. However, the Chinese government and Chinese companies have little hope from Joe Biden. But still she wants Biden to win the election in some way.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump has accused the Chinese government of interfering in the presidential election.

However, Joe Biden has also said that he will continue to act vigorously against China. And if they win the elections, they will beat China and create a new future for America.

China is important topic for America’s presidential elections

This time China has emerged as an important issue in the US presidential election. This issue has become even more heated due to the ongoing trade war from the US.

Around the world, China has won the quarrel with all countries. And America is also not untouched by this. In such a situation, American voters want that whoever elects the President should handle China well.

Before the US presidential election, voters want to know what the presidential candidates’ strategy against China is going to be.

According to a recent survey, 25% of US voters will vote for a candidate whose strategy is strong against China. In such a situation, you can guess how important the issue of China is going to play in the US presidential election this time.

Consensus between the two parties regarding China

There seems to be a consensus among both Republican and Democratic parties regarding the trade war with China. The proof of this is the US Congress. Where America’s President Donald Trump’s party does not have a majority. But still all the proposals came against China. Both parties agreed on them. And the resolution was passed by voice.

Both Republican and Democratic parties see China as a major threat to America. However, Joe Biden has said that he will definitely review tariffs against China. Joe Biden states that these tariffs should be reviewed periodically. So that it can be seen whether this tariff is beneficial for America or not.

Donald Trump may benefit on the issue of China

Donald is the first President of TrumpAmerica. Who have launched a trade war against China. US President Donald Trump constantly reiterates in the election that, if he wins the presidential election, he will take more strict measures against China. And Donald Trump seems to be benefiting from this.

Donald Trump says that no president has taken any action against China before him.

With this, America is getting billions of dollars every year. China has taken advantage of America wrongly.

Donald Trump is to say that China is taking billions of dollars from the US every year due to trade deficit. And that’s why China is becoming increasingly wealthy. And America is becoming poorer.

In such a situation, if China is to be left behind on this matter, it is necessary to win my election. US voters are of the opinion that Donald Trump has taken more steps to deal with China. And the benefit of this is seen by Donald Trump.

Earlier Donald Trump alleged that China also wants Joe Biden’s victory. Donald Trump says that if Biden wins the election, it will directly benefit China.

Si Jinping has expressed concern over relations with America

Chinese President Xi Jinping has also expressed concern about relations with the US. Xi Jinping had called upon his public to say that now the global supply chain is collapsing. It can have a direct impact on China’s economy.

Let us tell you for information that China takes advantage of trade under billions of dollars from America every year. The President of China says that if we have to keep our economy strong now, domestic demand will have to increase. And domestic manufacturing will have to be encouraged even more.

For information, let us know that China has the most supply chain in the world. Which is now seen breaking. China is worried about that.

Xi Jinping is ready to normalize relations with America. But the Donald Trump administration does not seem ready for this. If Donald Trump wins the election and returns to power, the problems for China are going to increase even more in the coming times.



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